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10th October 2023 • Top 3 Network • HVSPN
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Hopewell Valley Student Podcasting Network 

Show Name: Top 3 Network

Episode Title: Welcome to top 3 network

You are listening to Top 3 network the podcast with your host(s) Logan, Luke, Danyal.

In this episode of Top 3 Network the Podcast we will introduce ourselves and our podcast

Segment 1:Welcome to Top 3 Sports Network. My name is Danyal Rizavi and I am the host of the first 5 episodes regarding baseball. I have played tennis for about 7 years and I love the concept of talking about sports. In my free time i like to play video games. I am Luke Poltrino and i and am a co host, i have played baseball for 8 years and I played tennis for 3 years I love to bike. I am Logan Paul and i am a cohost, i have played baseball for about 10 years, and i love to bike This podcast will focus on baseball and tennis. The first 5 episodes will be strictly about only baseball and the next 5 episodes will be about tennis. In each episode we will express our thoughts about a category related to that sport, and rank everything appropriately. We will talk about different topics each episode, for example the top plays, stadiums and more for each episode. This podcast will give you new and fun information about tennis and baseball. Please tune in for a new episode every two weeks to learn more about your favorite sports. We hope you enjoy! 

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