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Coach Corner with Michael Williams: Mike's Journey into Coaching; His NBA Playoff Thoughts; Suns Dribble Handoffs; The Suns/Lakers Series is a Moving Target; Plus, Double Dipped Thoughts from Trey
Episode 4931st May 2021 • Charity Stripe Commentary • Sideline Coverage
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Trey is back for the second time in as many days! This time he is joined by Mike Williams (frequent guest on A Ginger's Tailgate podcast). Mike is a youth basketball coach and they discuss how he got into coaching and where he hopes to go. Then they get into their thoughts on the NBA Playoffs. Mike gets into the Suns Dribble Handoff action during the Lakers series. They also discuss Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat. This was taped after Suns-Lakers Game 4, so Trey may have double dipped or changed some thoughts...

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