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Can Your Salon Survive Without You?
Episode 28319th May 2022 • Salon Owners Collective • Larissa Macleman
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Are you tired of being at the centre of your Salon? You feel like the moment you step outside the salon doors, everything starts to fall apart. You have people ringing you, texting you, emailing you… what’s next, a messenger pigeon?! (It wouldn’t be a total stretch, right? 🤣)   As a result, the salon is on your mind 24/7… even when you’re not actually there! You want your team to be autonomous and self-sufficient… but you find that if you don’t do things yourself, they just aren’t done quite right…  it’s a vicious cycle! Luckily, you aren’t alone. As Salon Owners, we tend to be involved in every aspect of our salons, so when we try and step away from working in the business, we get trapped! How can the Salon survive a day without you doing all the thing?!   Not only this, but it can feel super lonely as a Salon Owner.  You feel alone in your decisions, and the weight of the Salon rests on your shoulders… it’s a lot of pressure! This can become exhausting, and not sustainable in the long run. Something needs to change, right? I want to introduce you to Shanalie Wijesinghe. Shanalie is the head of education at Boulevard, a business management platform that is designed to drive sales, automate workflows, and convert customers from visitors into valuable, long-term clients.    Shanalie is an industry expert when it comes to both working in the Salon and on the Salon and knows how hard it can be to separate the “me” from the role of CEO. In this episode, you will discover how to separate the emotion from the important decisions in your Salon, in order to have a successful and thriving business.   So, if you’ve been feeling like your Salon may crumble without you being there 24/7, then let’s dive into this episode and hear what the lovely Shanalie has to say…

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the systems and processes you need in place in order to feel confident in stepping back from the daily operations of the Salon. 
  2. Hear from my own experiences on how I managed to confidently pull back from the Salon revolving all around me.  
  3. Discover how to live a life outside of the Salon without feeling guilty about it.   

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