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How Mindfulness Supports Better Health and Well-being for Surgical Patients - Kate Greenslade
Episode 1818th August 2023 • The Mindful Coach Podcast • Brett Hill
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Discover the power of mindfulness and create a life of purpose and fulfillment, even in the face of challenges and adversity. - Kate Greenslade

Imagine the courage it takes to pivot your career at 40, to leave a successful business, and step into the uncharted territory of mindfulness. This is the remarkable journey of Kate Greenslade, that not only transformed her life but also the lives of those she works with. A chance encounter led her to a mindfulness retreat in Thailand, which sparked a curiosity that she chose to indulge. With each immersion, she found herself stepping into a more authentic version of herself, a version that resonated with helping others find their paths too. Despite the success of her video company, Kate found her true calling in connecting people to their inner selves. Her journey was not without challenges, her social life took a hit, but her resolve remained unshaken. She continued to tread the path less traveled, and in doing so, found her life's purpose.

Life has a way of nudging us toward the path we're meant to tread, and for Kate Greenslade, this nudge came in the form of a mindfulness retreat in Thailand. Here, Kate stumbled upon her true calling, shifting gears from running a successful video company to helping others connect with their inner selves.

This transition was not an easy one, but Kate's resolve and belief in the power of mindfulness helped her navigate through the challenges. She willingly disrupted her social life and personal status quo to embrace a journey of self-discovery and healing. Today, Kate uses her experiences to guide others through their transformation, helping them let go of unhelpful thinking patterns and past experiences that hold them back.

Hear firsthand her story about her two surgeries, one before she learned mindful skills and the other after. Her mindfulness practice dramatically impacted her pre-surgical and post-operative experience, resulting in faster recovery and better healing. Bringing this experience to her surgeon's attention, she found an ally who sponsored embedding mindfulness practices into the patient's surgical journey, which was, by all accounts, a great benefit for patients and doctors alike.

Now she's engaged in developing an app to facilitate the journey and offers retreats, coaching, and training.

In this episode:

  • Explore how mindfulness coaching has a positive effect on self-growth and transformation.
  • Uncover the synergistic benefits of blending mindfulness with coaching, offering a new dimension to personal growth and coaching.
  • Hear how mindfulness benefits surgical patients.
  • Apply evidence-backed strategies of instilling mindfulness in surgical preparation and recovery, boosting recuperation.

You can reach Kate at her website

Kate is a founder member of The Mindful Coach Association.

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