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Visions Vs Goals - And How To Make Them Imp-Proof [Episode 005]
Episode 524th January 2020 • Ditching Imposter Syndrome • Clare Josa
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Today is the first instalment of the Going Beyond Goals mini-series – and we’re looking at the critical difference between visions and goals – and how to make them ‘imp-proof’.

This is for you if you have a big goal in mind for the year ahead and you’ve found yourself resisting, or procrastinating, or feeling a teeny bit scared about taking inspired action on it.

You’re going to discover why manifesting and vision boards can fall over, how to pick a goal that’s going to motivate you to grow, without freaking out, how to spot Imposter Syndrome before gets in your way, plus my golden secret on how to make even scary goals ‘imp-proof’.


Book: Ditching Imposter Syndrome

Tribe: Ditch Your Imps!



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