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Building Deep Ties to the Community [THA 209]
Episode 2094th February 2021 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Sue Morshing of Elysian Auto Service, Elysian, MN. Sue's Previous Episodes HERE.

Jennifer Filzen decided to become a singer/songwriter and created her first pop music album, Sirena. Her marketing and sales talents afforded her the opportunity to get her music heard around the world, including India, China, Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Her writing talents launched her into writing SEO content for websites, social media marketing posts, and custom blogs. Today, many auto repair shops around the country choose Rock Star Marketing to put their businesses in the limelight.

Jennifer Filzen Previous Episodes HERE. Rock Start Marketing Website HERE.

Link to the new book on Amazon HERE.

Patrick Dolder of PALS Ocala Auto Repair, Ocala, FL. Patrick's Episodes HERE

Carl Hutchinson has been the car industry since 1982, but has worked on vehicles long before that time. He has a passion for engineering, for understanding how vehicles operate, and how to repair a customer’s concern. Earlier in his career, Carl started worked at a GM Dealership, then went to work at independent repair facilities as a technician and eventually became a service advisor. Carl’s experience in the automotive industry led him to his current position as co- owner with Maureen Hutchinson of Complete Automotive in Springfield MO., where he works every day to provide high quality, valuable service to all customers.

Carl is an Alumni with Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield MO Campus. He currently sits on the Automotive Advisory Board with Ozark Technical Community College, member of South East Rotary, and a member of the Springfield Midwest Auto Care Alliance chapter.

Carl has his Master ASE Certification, L1 and Service Advisor certification and is an AMI Graduate.

After over 32 years in the automotive business, giving back the knowledge and experience to those of the next generation that are coming into the industry is an honor. It’s exciting to see the culture of the industry change to a more positive, cleaner, technical atmosphere, with an emphasis on great customer service.

Changing the culture of the industry is exciting to move into the next generation of automotive technicians, service advisors, and owners. Carl's Episodes HERE.

Key Talking Points:

  • You should always expect to get from the community what you give to the communityYou reap what you sow
  •  Do genuine and small things for your customers
  • You don’t decide to give so you get something backOnce you start giving just to give to your community, you find creative ways to give, and that creates relationships with your community
  • Have you turned to employees to find ways to reach out to your community?Find ways to help someone without putting them in a spotlight
  • Work with your internal customers
  • Help people quietly, without having to make a splash
  • The importance of being involved in community groupsYou find like-minded individuals in other businesses in the community and they tend to frequent each others business
  • It’s all about connections and networking
  • You have to go into it with not expecting something in returnYou gotta get involved in community groups
  • You gotta get involved in local church groups
  • Food banks, playgrounds, serve dinners
  • Use time and talents to give back
  • “I never thought I would be _____________”Get involved and give to the community
  • You will be disappointed if you are expecting something in return
  • It’s actually kinda cool being involved
  • Why didn't I do this sooner?
  • It’s part of branding your businessNetworking and recommendations with like-minded business
  • Create a community page on your website
  •  The “How to Do It”Figure out the why. Start with a conversation on “why” you are doing it
  • Figure out the superpowers that each team members have
  • Figure out the attitude that the company wants to represent
  •  Ways to accommodate your customers and employees with a community approach:Have a grill at lunchtime
  • Be pet friendly
  • Donut Fridays
  • Give out cookies, brownies, waters
  • Weekly drawing for a bouquet of flowers
  •  Final WordsJenniferI just love that we can all share these ideas and that we are providing value to people
  • When you adopt the “The Give To Get Principle” not only will you feel good yourself, but you will also see a difference in your bottom line
  • CarlJoin community groups
  • When you get the call, say “yes”
  • PatrickTake a leap of faith
  • If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re not going to be successful
  • Talk to a business you know nothing about
  • Find out who the charities are in your community
  • SueYou have to be passionate about your community
  • Approach people, you want to work with
  • Teddy bear hunt - donations for closed restaurants


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