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The Pure Life - Pure Yoga Ottawa EPISODE 8, 17th April 2020
Episode 8: Heather Andrews
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Episode 8: Heather Andrews

Heather Andrews is a co-founder of Wheelhouse Cycle, Ottawa’s first boutique spin studio, with 2 locations and growing. Wheelhouse opened in 2015 with a mandate to build a community that is creative, curious and connected and works hard to create a space that is inclusive and diverse. Heather is an entrepreneur, an entertainer, a speaker and is an active member of the LGBTQ business community.

She is on the show via Skype today with your host Jen Dalgleish.

For more information about Heather follow her on Instagram @instaandrews or click HERE

Visit Wheel House Cycle online at www.wheelhousecycle.ca or click HERE

Follow Wheel House on Instagram @wheelhousecycle or click HERE