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Your Positive Imprint - Catherine Praiswater EPISODE 132, 5th July 2021
Sustainable Agriculture Across the World and For the World
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Sustainable Agriculture Across the World and For the World

With the rising temperatures around the world due to climate change, agriculture must evolve. But how? Today is Inspiration Monday - “Sustainable Agriculture Across the World and for the World.” Your Positive Imprint Inspirations.


Master gardener and composter Marion Owen who's also a gardening author, blog writer and gardening columnist. Ep. 4.

Andrew Bracken creates public and private partnerships to invest in sustainable agriculture for small farmers across the globe. Eps. 50 and 88.

Sigrid Drage of Ep. 52 is a permaculture farmer in Austria. She applies ecological principles found in nature.

Christine Deck of Deck family farms- Deck Family Farms practices a long-term approach in developing a sustainable livestock operation. Ep. 53.

This is global food security on a planet where climate change is affecting food supplies. Sustainable agriculture across the world and for the world.