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Ep 70: Core Training and The New Rebel Performance Training Team with the Rebel Crew
Episode 7025th April 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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We’re mixing it up a little bit on the show this week with a few of the Rebel Performance coaches joining me: Ryan Patrick, a physical preparation coach for athletes and powerlifters and the owner of Peak Fitness & Sports Training, Ryan L’Ecuyer, a strength coach with a primary focus on hypertrophy and bodybuilding, and Keiran Halton, a personal trainer and Brunswick HS Strength & Conditioning Coach and former Division 1 athlete. We’re first going to dive into our new Rebel Performance Training Team and the different program pathways and changes that will be offered in this new launch. I’m not lying when I say we have a program for everybody: those who want to be the total package or the fire breathers, those who are busy professionals, those who want to get swole, those who are a recovering athlete or want a modification of powerlifting, or those who want a little bit of everything and would like to try it all. I also brought the Rebel Crew on today to discuss core training misconceptions and what the core actually does from a functionality standpoint.

Ryan L’Ecuyer and I start off by sharing why the core’s main purpose is to control the position of the rib cage and pelvis and how we can use those muscles to present good movement everywhere else; this will help us work the muscles we’re intending to work. Keiran then does a deep dive into how the core is your foundation and getting your core into a good position will 9 times out of 10 help clear up any pain and issues clients may have, and it will also allow them to actually feel the targeted muscle groups. Ryan Patrick discusses his take on keeping the diaphragm and pelvic floor stacked in order to get the hips and shoulders moving better, which will allow overall higher training volume.

Listen in as the Rebel Crew shares their approach to different positions and breathing mechanics that may work for some, but not for others and understanding the difference. One of the approaches we do discuss is phasing in a mixture of different variations and traditional core exercises to create a happy medium for clients who enjoy seeing ab exercises in their programming. Ryan Patrick shares a general rule he typically follows, which is, “Give them what they want in the context of what they need.” We close out the episode by answering listener questions regarding nutrition, how biomechanics can impact physiology, and percentages for sprinting.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [03:40] Rebel Performance Training Crew Intro and the Program Pathways They are Offering in This New Launch
  • [22:09] The core’s true purpose is to control the position of the rib cage and pelvis
  • [27:40] Keeping the diaphragm and pelvic floor stacked is a recipe for driving up your training volume
  • [29:54] Much of "core" training is about creating appropriate timing and stiffness
  • [41:18] Some of our go-to exercises to help you build a strong core
  • [48:27] Listener questions like how do biomechanics impact physiology


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