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Body Contouring Academy's Proven Profits Podcast - Body Contouring Academy's Proven Profits Podcast EPISODE 4, 7th January 2020
EDUCATE rather than SELL to attract more customers now…and later
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EDUCATE rather than SELL to attract more customers now…and later

Kay and Shannon give you a blueprint for becoming the “go-to” provider.  They conclude their three-part series about using ‘differentiators’ to achieve massive success, with how to be the ‘Educator,’ not the ‘Seller,’ to get more patients now…and later.


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You want to profit more with body contouring.  You want to capture the biggest share in the market.  And competition is fierce.

To engage and attract more patients, you must separate yourself from the masses.  You must differentiate.

Previously, we’ve discussed great differentiators - using a Unique Selling Proposition and WOW’ing ‘Em.  

Today we’ll explain why you must not ‘sell’ like the rest; you must use education based messaging to win trust and ultimately, to bring more customers through your doors.  And sometimes, you must be patient because some customers take a long time to make the buying decision.

But they will ultimately buy and you want them to buy from you.  

So first we’re going to discuss how to set yourself up as an Educator, not a Seller.  After that, we’re going to tell you how to win at the Waiting Game for those potential customers who wait a long time to take action.  

First -

How do you do this, educate rather than sell?  Your website absolutely needs to look different from the rest.  It needs to be fresh and new and filled with helpful information.  You need to be the provider who gives the customers the information they need or want.  

To keep information fresh, include frequent blog articles, in depth discussion about treatments and issues, a variety of videos and a large library of before/after photos.  Give potential customers a reason to want to return to your website again and again and again.

Next -

How do you successfully win the waiting game?  People make buying decisions differently, at different speeds, and for different reasons.  Many potential customers will consider your services for a long time before contacting you.  Studies show many consumers take up to 18 months before making the decision to come in and buy.  You may have won them over initially but you must stay at the top of their mind - no matter how long it takes.  

How do you do this?  You continue to be the educator, the provider and the business that continuously provides useful, helpful information.  

Use a Contact Form on your website to capture the contact information from your website visitors and continue providing helpful information to them via emails.  At our medical spa, we wrote an Pricing Guide eBook to answer commonly asked questions and to assist us in capturing the contact information from these potential customers.   But you don’t have to produce an eBook; you can use a simple contact form.

Most website visitors are willing to provide their contact information if they think the information you have provided them has been useful and worthwhile and they’re excited about it and look forward to more.

In these emails, nurture them with education.  We send these educational emails, called Nurturing Emails, at our medical spa.  These emails are short and provide a tidbit of helpful information. Nurturing emails are super valuable because they’re all about building relationships, trust and value and staying top of mind.  

Plus - they also provide an added benefit to your business.  They build upon your reputation as the body contouring expert in your community.  

When starting a Nurturing Email Campaign, remember these

important Guidelines for Nurturing Emails:

Should not be a sales pitch - customers will lose interest and trust quickly if you’re sending them offers to buy;
Should be helpful - you want to provide value up front, giving your potential customers something that helps them without asking for a single thing; and
Should not be about your practice or business - if you talk about how great you are or why they should choose you, your potential customers will tune you out and your nurturing will not be effective.


So… take a good hard look at your website.  Do you have a Contact Form? Do you provide helpful information?  Do you update that information regularly with blogs?

Next, consider starting a Nurturing Email Campaign and be careful to follow the Guidelines.

That’s it for today’s podcast and that concludes our three part series on How to Differentiate your Business to win more patients and mega profits.

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Tune in next week.  

Bye for now from Kay & Shannon at The Body Academy’s Proven Profits Podcast.