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Transformation: Above and Beyond Your Story
Episode 30123rd May 2024 • The Genesis Frequency • Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna
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Your seat of power, the power to transform your life, your business and even your company, resides within you. Your mind is your greatest asset and the thoughts you think are either the genesis fo what you want to move into your life or the reason that you habitually experience negative conditions, situations, circumstances and events.

In today's episode I explore the foundation of personal and professional transformation and the proper way to establish it. Just a hint; it doesn't come from a focus on the results you want to change, it doesn't come from wallowing around in the puddle of what you don't want either, yet so many people, even leaders, do just that.

We want to apprehend the wisdom gained from our stories and past experiences but move on from the bondage that keeps so many of us attached to our stories making it impossible to move forward and truly transform our lives.

Today we begin by looking in the right place in the right way. Today we move into the realization of the seat of power we all have right where we are.

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