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On the Brighter Side - On the Brighter Side 8th June 2018
BONUS Episode – Interview with Saalt
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BONUS Episode – Interview with Saalt

Happy Best Friends Day! In honor of this holiday, I interviewed Cherie and Amber of Saalt about their up and coming business which offers clean, sustainable and renewable solutions to period care. That sounds like something you would talk about with your best friends, right? We talk about the origin of their company, its goals for the future and how they are giving back! I seriously suggest you try one this month!

One Saalt cup can last up to 10 years and save 10 years worth of disposable period care products. And, they can last up to 12 hours without needing to be changed. They are a game changer for girls and women in developing countries who have limited or no access to feminine hygiene products. They are safer and often more comfortable than disposable period products. What are you waiting for? You can find them online at: saaltco.com or join one of their Facebook groups SaaltCupAcademy or SaaltLovesourFocusGroup.

Additional resources mentioned in the interview:

@brightgirlhealth on Instagram

Menstrapedia – an online comic book

The Care and Keeping of You – a book by the American Girl Doll Publishers