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The Brilliance of Weakness
18th April 2021 • Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie • Eric Ludy
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Weakness is sort of like manure.

According to most people manure is generally considered a stinky thing — something to get rid of and purposely avoid stepping in. But there are some that look at manure and don’t think “stinky” when they see it — they think “valuable”. A gardener searches high and low for manure, and even is willing to pay top dollar to get it. Why? Because it is an amazing fertilizer. It’s turns struggling gardens into flourishing gardens.

The same is true with weakness.

When weakness is cherished as opposed to complained about, it transforms the lives of those that embrace it. And strangely, contrary to its name, it makes one stronger. Just as stinky manure makes a flower garden more fragrant, so situations of weakness, dependence, and humility cultivate serious strength into the life of the believer in Christ. It’s God’s brilliant pattern for building might into the life of His children. But, this grand secret of strength is often missed by Christians because they spend their life strategically avoiding this catalyst of power instead of joyfully tilling it into their soul garden. God deliberately chose weakness as His thoroughfare by which His heavenly strength enters this earth. Let’s embrace His brilliant plan.

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