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416 : Suzanne Wouk – Sellhound helps make Recommerce scaleable
25th November 2019 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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I’m still in awe regarding the possibilities with this product. I used to think 25-50 listings a day would be good. However to think you could scale to 200 listings an hour blows me away. Imagine the possibilities this can bring to your world. If you are an Amazon seller and have been looking to get rid of returns/restricted products, etc.. then this might be the tool for you. Great discussion from an experienced seller.


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Here is transcript- It is automated so it is not perfect but it does seem to get better over time.

Suzanne:                             [00:00]                     Right? Um, we are automating the virtual assistant, uh, system.

Cool voice guy:                  [00:07]                     Welcome to the e-commerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of eCommerce selling. Today. Here’s your host, Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             [00:21]                     Thank you already for a great episode. A, I want to jump in. It’s funny. Two things. One, this episode is so relevant because we sell shoes and clothing. And when you understand what we talked about in the episode deal, you’ll see why this is so important to us. Um, we’re going to try it. Um, we edit on two new employees this year. Uh, my son, uh, Nick and then his friend Jake both graduated from college, a good college degrees and a lot of enthusiasm. We added back to our business. Um, and I was just telling somebody earlier today, we had it back, uh, ran away to our business in a pretty strong scaled way, much more measured approach. Actually, you know, got a lot of help from a lot of people and way more measured. And the success has been phenomenal. And one thing that’s really helped us is, um, some of the groups that we’re in.

Stephen:                             [01:08]                     And so you’ve heard me mention, uh, amazing freedoms, um, million dollar, uh, arbitrage group. They’ve been sponsors my show for a long time and, uh, we’re members of it and I can’t tell what this time on cause I, I don’t think I can give it away, but I was gonna read a couple of things. Um, from big lots, believe it or not, Kmart, Kohl’s, entertainment, earth, we all know them, right? Um, good one to get on gated Boscov’s. So guess what, this list goes to 30 people in this particular list. It shows you the date to buy it, uh, or the date that it’s of the list. Net profit, return of investment store named the store links. Amazon links description gives you the rank. Let me just read a couple of these ranks. Um, and they’re all in the top of the list. Uh, here’s the highest rank, 250, 3000.

Stephen:                             [01:57]                     Now in certain things, you know, they’re seasonal, that would be a really good rank depending on what category of sell for toys, 250 grand, a 250 K and toys is a good rank. Um, and the lowest rank on this particular list is 70,000. Um, all good stuff. And what I like is you see historical rank, you see the purchase price, you see the profit, they give you the hasten. Again, you know, they’re up there, 30 people that would get this same list that day as we did, but not everybody’s going to buy everything, right? And so there’s going to be limits and stuff, but here’s the best part. It’s going to teach you what to buy. So if the black ones selling well, well then, you know, the white one who always, that’s the rule of shoes, right? Black and white. Um, when you learn what to buy, uh, this stuff just takes you down a rabbit holes, right?

Stephen:                             [02:47]                     Rabbit trails, and you just start finding these other things like, well, wait, if the black one was sell, why wouldn’t the white one? Why wouldn’t the red one? That’s what you’re going to get. And so, um, the group, they’re just phenomenal people. And the teaching that goes on in that group, I, I just see people inspire people every single day. And you’ve learned something. I learned something every single [inaudible] a long time. I have no clue. These new sellers, they’ve catch on way faster than as old dudes. Um, and it’s pretty cool. And so you could go get 14 days free if you use my link. And yes, they pay me. So not going to hide that. Um, mazing, forward slash momentum, hyphen arbitrage momentum, little dash arbitrage. Go take a look at some of the testimonials on my page. Um, see how gay did pay off 85,000 mortgage in one year, one year.

Stephen:                             [03:37]                     Um, you need to make $500 a month. That’s a little bit farfetched to think that you can pay off a mortgage in one year. We’ll go look at the testimonial, look at some of the testimonials from the members of the group. They’re in there and go see for yourself. Try it for 14 days, no risk. You don’t like it, you leave. But in 14 days you make your first purchase. And more importantly, you learn something again. Don’t just buy it, understand it. That’s what’s going to advance your business. A messaged me, I’m in that group. So, uh, anytime you just reach out to me again, it’s amazing., forward slash momentum hyphen arbitrage. I’m very proud that a ton of people have bought through my links and have stayed in the group. I get messages all the time like, thank you for introducing me to this group of people. Um, it’s very humbling for me if you do join send Gaye or myself a note, um, because it just, it, it’s very rewarding for me that you feel like you’re getting help. Um, it really does. And if I can help you in any way, of course, always reach out to me. Um, and again, this stuff is relevant for this episode. I think it’s really, really neat and I think you’re going to get something from it.

Speaker 4:                           [04:43]                     Welcome back to the eCommerce momentum podcast. This is episode 416. Susan Loke. Um, this is second time I’ve had Suzanne on. So go back to episode three 56 and guest Suzanne’s story and you’ll hear about her urban picker knowledge and she clearly knows what she’s talking about. But what’s so cool is her companies, uh, so hound cell has launched, uh, last time I talked to her, they were in beta phase and they were doing different things, but they’re launched and collectively they’re up over, you’re going to blow. This number is gonna blow you away. 40,000 listings at this point. Just imagine what that sounds like. We have a big EPA store and we’ve got a lot of listings. But to be 40,000 in, you clearly know something at the 40,000 listing that you didn’t know in the first listing. And so what I appreciate is that they’re willing to say, Hey, we’re learning.

Speaker 4:                           [05:34]                     We learn every time we do something. Most places I, well I did it right and users aren’t doing it. No. They’re saying, Hey, we’re learning things and guess what? We’re sharpening our pencil. We’re getting better at. And I see such an application right now for new sellers. If you’re new selling on Amazon and you’re like, okay, I want to do this cause I love it and I don’t have to handle inventory. I don’t have to end all shipping. But what do I do with this stuff coming back? Well, I could send it auction. Okay, good luck with that. You’re going to get 10 cents on the dollar. You could donate it and that’s, that’s valuable. And maybe that’s the way you want to go. Or maybe there is a secondary market, maybe you can sell it and they could get easier. Um, let’s get you an employee that doesn’t call off sick.

Speaker 4:                           [06:11]                     And that’s what cell hound does and it’s in the, uh, you know, the fashion and you know, shoes and clothing categories, but this is where they start and they’re going to grow. So get in early and learn. And when you hear how inexpensive she tells you at the end, um, and you can get a special offer that I don’t benefit from, but you can get a special offer at the end. We’ll, they’ll give you something. I think it’s really worth listening to. Very, very smart person, very smart company. And again, they’re sharpening, they’re getting better. That’s what you want. Somebody who’s willing to say, I can do better. And they do it. Love it. Let’s get into the podcast and welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast. Very excited about today’s

Speaker 5:                           [06:47]                     guest, a repeat guest, somebody who’s come back who has grown up, gotten out of the beta stage of their business and is, it’s, it’s exciting to know that this is going to be the employee that shows up for work every single day and doesn’t call off Suzanne Wolk from sell and you’re live, you’re not in beta anymore, Suzanne,

Suzanne:                             [07:10]                     correct? Correct. Thank you for having us again. And we’re live. Our app launched mid July. Um, we’ve created approximately altogether approximately 40,000 listings already for each day.

Speaker 5:                           [07:25]                     That’s crazy. I mean, just think about that. I just want people to hear that a second. Since, uh, through the beta phase and all that stuff, you’ve created 40,000 listings. Let me ask this stupid question. You’re going to be like, dusty, of course. Uh, the first few you must have stumbled through how, how simple was it now looking at what you’ve guys have created now versus what you probably stumbled your way through in the beginning?

Suzanne:                             [07:51]                     Yeah, so we’re, we’re constantly growing and learning. And one of the things that is really important for us is the quality of the listings. And as we get more and more listings we’re getting, we’re learning and getting, Oh there’s a new, you know, vintage this that we need to learn about. So we’re constantly, um, upgrading our trainings for our virtual assistants and for our system and getting smarter.

Speaker 5:                           [08:21]                     Well, one of the things that in our pre call we talked about that blows my mind is that not only are you creating listings, you’re creating better listings. Let’s talk about that cause I think that’s really important, right? So I think we should talk a little bit

Suzanne:                             [08:37]                     second. What, what are we doing? Oh, okay. Um, you know, with the cell hound app, all you have to do as a seller is snap a few pictures of the item that you’re selling. We kind of take you by the hand and tell you, you know, take a of the front of the back. We, the most important thing are the pictures you can take up to 12 pictures because eBay allows 12 pictures. We encourage you to take, you know, blemishes or whatever it is that you need for that listing. But that’s all you have to do is just snap those pictures. Uh, you don’t have to type a word, although

Speaker 5:                           [09:14]                     don’t I have to fill out the spreadsheet and give you all the sizes, the information? I mean, all that should be right. I’ve got to do all that.

Suzanne:                             [09:22]                     No, no, no. You don’t have to do a thing. I mean, you should snap a picture of the size, but again, that is something that you have to do anyway for your 100% for eBay. The buyer wants to see the tag, the, the, you know, the item, um, all the blemishes, everything. All you have to do is snap pictures. That’s it. Then you’re done. Well, you don’t have to type a word if you want to. We give you a place to add in things that you can add, but that’s optional. Uh, the only other thing we do ask is it new or used? So you snap minimum three pictures. Uh, we encourage more, but minimum three pictures. Is it new or used? That’s it. Next. That’s okay. That’s all you have to do as a seller. What we do from the pictures, we identify the item, we do the research, we find the value.

Suzanne:                             [10:19]                     We create a highly optimized listing for eBay, which includes the title, the description, the price suggestion. We find the average price using our, um, we have a fetch engine on our website. We can talk about that later. And, uh, even shipping recommendations and all the required items, specifics and as many of the other items, specifics that we can do. So we fill in everything. We sent it back to you, the seller as a draft. You get through the app, you get to review it, you can change anything if you want to. Most of our sellers don’t. And then when you click post it posts directly onto your, um, eBay account. It’s your feedback, it’s your item. We are automating the virtual assistant, uh, system. So, um, if, if I can talk a little bit about that.

Speaker 5:                           [11:17]                     Well, I, I do, I, I wanna I want to pause you for a second here because I want people to think about this, right? So if you’re hiring VA’s, like we had a VA, I think you and I talked about this in the past. We had a VA,...