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Episode 203: Today You Choose – It’s all about Family: Interview Jason Martin
Episode 2036th October 2021 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 203: Today You Choose - It's all about Family: Interview Jason Martin

This is Your Captain Speaking - Life Lessons from the Journey So Far

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. How often have you thought about the importance of intentionally making your family - the people you love - the most important thing in your life? Not just in word and intention, but in actuality? 

On today’s show I’m talking with Jason Martin, the author or This is your Captain Speaking - Life Lessons from the Journey so far. As I read his book it was easy to sum up the entire premise - Make Your Family Your Top Priority, and the intentionality of making memories, recording memories, sharing memories with loved ones.

In this heartwarming book he wrote to his family, Jason Martin takes us on a journey inside his life as a husband, father, provider, and a family leader. You will watch as he shows you how to create a life filled with memories that your children will remember for the rest of their lives. By creating a legacy built on the foundations of love, hope, and gratitude, your family will learn critical life lessons to become the best versions of everything they can be. —-This is what we are all about on the Love Your Story podcast - intentionally creating the life we want on purpose. Stay tuned for my discussion with Jason - the Captain of his family, and I think you’ll leave with some ideas for your own intentional family living.

Jason Martin has not experience as a writer, in fact he failed copy editing in college, but he is a believer in dreams and stretching. He is a former sports anchor and currently runs one of the most successful real estate teams in Washington D.C., but above all, his family is his #1 priority. He and his wife Jennifer have 3 human children and a dog named Scooby, and together they live a fun, wild, everyday normal life. Jason writes this book specifically to his family, addressing them in unexpected places. There is not question we are peaking into a compilation he wrote for his family, but in that compilation we see what it looks like to put family first. There is no doubt he wishes to teach, support and leave a legacy for his kids.

Tune in to the audio program to hear my discussion with Jason. You don't want to miss it.

You start out your book with “Anyone who knows me will tell you that above all else comes family.” Let’s start out with why….

To contact Jason or buy his book:

The last section of this book has a list of 9 final lessons. I wanted to end with 3 of them that I liked. #1 - Consistency: Consistency is required for success in life. As you create your best life story on purpose be consistent with those things that really matter. Consistently be there - show up. Consistently be kind. Consistently listen. Consistently sit down and tackle that project. Intentionality requires consistency. #2 What you tell yourself matters - here we are back to the idea that the stories you tell yourself are the most powerful stories you will ever tell. If your self-talk is uplifting and supportive you’ll fly. #3 Ideas to Action - as you intentionally plan what you want in your story you’ll start with an idea. If you don’t put that idea into action it won’t happen. So remember, intentionally living requires you to take action. Even if it takes years to show up. 

Your challenge for this week is to think about your family. Think about the priority they are for you and see if your actions are aligned with where that priority sits in your mind and heart. All these ideas we’ve discussed today are ideas you can teach your family. Kids and help parents understand new ideas and parents should absolutely teach children how to live intentionally. If there is something you can tweak this week to help your kids learn an idea, know they are your priority, or just create a little family love. Do it.

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