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Sheffield Hopcast - Sheffield Hopcast EPISODE 33, 10th May 2020
Hopcast Lockdown: Bank Holiday Beers
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Hopcast Lockdown: Bank Holiday Beers

Bank Holiday Beers in our theme this week - and boy do we have a variation in style: five very different beers.

We're joined by Mark Gannon and his bulging fridge to talk all things hoppy.

And it's the return of Sean's ridiculous bottle opener which seems to do many things - apart from actually open bottles. Want it? Listen in for your chance to win!

A huge thanks this week to Heist and Thornbridge who have sent some fantastic beers to try - including two we crack open on this episode. Uase the discount code HOPCAST15 on the Thornbridge website for 15% off pick and mix beers.

Stay safe, and safe home.