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"Messy in Heaven" - A Disappointing Drum and Bass Song
Episode 79th May 2023 • Use Your Words • Use Your Words
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This week's episode of Use Your Words Podcast is all about Messy in Heaven, a song by 21-year-old Venby which is part of the resurgence of drum and bass in Britain and Europe. It charted highly in the UK (3,1) and relatively high in the US (34,40) and is meant to be an anti-drug anthem. Although the song was inspired by a dream of Jesus looking intoxicated, the author says that it was not meant to be controversial or insulting song. Venby is one of a few female drum and bass artists and although only her second song appears to show that in the general world, she will have a very strong career - even if Aaron and Paul may have their own thoughts on the song.

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And see if I wanted to go full Mexican, I'd like button the top shirt. Yes. The top button of the shirt. Yeah. And then like leave the rest of it unbutton or you button it like, like right here? Yeah. And just leave it home. I never understood that style myself. I'm like, why people? Because it looks like a cape when you run.

Welcome to this week's episode of User Words Podcast. I'm Paul once again joined with Mr. Aaron Johnson, the Mr. Stone face over there who chose this song for this week to take a look at. I'm going to spoil this pretty quickly here. This song. Is horrible. This song should never be listened to this song.

What I, I, I, okay. Yeah. I, we'll disagree on some stuff. That's fine. We'll get into it here. So this week's song is Messy in Heaven. By VEB and Goddard, or however you say that. G o d d a r D. Goddard. Goddard. Goddard Goddard. Oh no, dude. So Veb, that's the quote unquote singer of the song. She's the one who wrote it.

is only came on of October of:

Geez. It's not good. Okay, so sorry. So, so spoiler alert, it's the epitome of disappointment. It's a song that sounds like it has potential in the beginning and then quickly goes downhill. Okay. Okay. All right. It, it's, and the only reason it sounds like it has potential in the beginning is because it starts with guitar and then it, I, okay.

Then it quickly goes downhill after that. I can't even remember what the beginning's like, I remember what the beginning of the video was like, and I, but let, let's go, let's, let's start off here. Sure. Okay. Yeah. So messy in heaven, it. Charted in the US and in the uk, so mm-hmm. In the UK singles, it peaked at number three in UK dance.

It peaked at number one in the US under hot dance electronic songs. It peaked at number 34 and under. Okay. Alternative. It peaked at number 40,

so not too, not

as hot in the us. Right. So there seems to be, In Britain, in Europe, there's like this resurgence of drum and bass going on right now. Okay. She is one of like five or six female drum and bass artists.

They ac and she was talking in an interview how they actually have like a female group chat of female drum and bass artists over in the uk, right? And she's like, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.

That's all it takes to be a drum and bass

artist. I'm going to read the summary. Okay. That that's here in Wikipedia.

Yeah. Yeah. You, you do that. I, I I don't know what, again, if I, uh, a hundred percent agree with this, but, um, messy in Heaven is a thrilling, cathartic drum and bass that reimagines Jesus placed into a modern day situation. The track start starts with soft piano chords that later transcend into a dance track characterized by Venn BE'S signature sound.

Signature. It's funny that they A signature sound. It's only her second song.

Okay. She hasn't even released a full EP yet. That's coming out this year.

er first single was in May of:

She then told the co-writers, uh, the, the co-writers would be like, Godad, Godard, however you say it. Gold, uh, however you say it, right, that that's the person that's won the co-writers there. About she told them about the dream and wrote the song according. According to her. The song is not meant to offend any of anyone, but about how the best people put others before themselves.

However, she clarified that the drug Wa so was meant to be an anti-drug anthem. And she realizes that the topic is controversial, but also a conversation starter. In her words, the

song was meant to be an

anti-drug anthem, huh? Yeah. So she talked about, in one of the interviews how she realized one of her friends was having a, a drug issue and that, and that's kind of part of this as well.

Interesting. See, I hearing that it's kinda weird, especially after seeing the music video. Because it's like all it was was drinking and partying and going out to a club and having fun.

Yeah. They were very much in the EDM space there. Yeah. Well, yeah, that, that's very, it's very normal for edms. Let me put that way.

Not everyone, but obviously, but a lot of them like to take, I mean like to drink alcohol especially. Okay, wait, younger generation who likes to drink and they like to do drugs, Doesn't, isn't that

every generation

though, and edms really like to do it even more, especially like their ecstasy in the Hmm hmm.

I, hmm. Yeah. So she

go, well no, I'm, because like electric dance music, So, yeah, that's literally just, yeah. Okay. So clubbing, all kind of edm? Yeah. Why? Why? Okay. Yeah. Why? What? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know anything right now. Okay. Yeah.

I dunno. What, what, what's this about here? I

have nothing.

Nothing at the moment. Give my brain some time, maybe

something will happen. Okay. So, The, the writer of this Veba also says, VE be, ve be Veba, whatever. Ven, no one can say my last name. Right. I'm so, I'm not gonna pronounce anyone's name right. You're, you're one of the few people that does because you've known me for how long now.

Okay. Who's uh, uh, so she does say it is anti-drug anthem, uh, inspired by someone close to her, her who struggled with addiction. She goes on to say, it's a song about someone that doesn't put themselves first and finds themselves in a really dark place Meta. Metaphorically, it's saying that no matter who you are, you could still fall, fall down a difficult path.

And it's nobody's fault. I'm aware it's a controversial message, blah, blah, blah. But it's also a conversation starter. Interesting.

Yeah. That's, that's, that's something else.

Yeah. So if you just listen to the lyrics of this, if I'm a hundred percent honest, I would never get that Gene drug, Anthem, Uhuh. No.


I mean, Just with the title of it, it just sounds like she's from when Well, listening to it and not knowing this mm-hmm. I literally was just thinking that, I mean, she's pretty much the same. Christ is no one di no different from any other human and God is, would be well, and that's a, that was a thing for me where it's like she's putting human.

I guess like expo expectations or whatever on God himself where he would react just as some parents here would react to their kid if they're doing out doing drugs and stuff where it's

ber. It came out September of:

A tad bit earlier. A tad bit earlier, but figure, you know, to be. Authentic and, uh, be like, Hey, uh, yeah, that's when it came out. So, yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah, that, yeah. So if you're, yeah, this song is, whew. So let's, let's talk about the lyrics here on this song. Okay. Yeah. If you're not familiar with the lyrics, it's gonna start off right away, and.

If you're of the Christian persuasion at all, immediately, you wanna bring out your pitchfork and go sacri?

Yeah. Okay. Let, let's just be straight out and I actually found someone, uh, uh, like a small little publisher out there. Okay. That created, uh, a petition online. To send to ve b, b whatever and be like, please remove your song. It's just anti-Christian, it's, it's heretical and all this. I'm like, you would have to send that to like 95% of the songs out there in the world, but yes.

You know? True. This was just very explicit and definitive on where it stands on things, or it seems

to at least, yeah. Gosh, yeah. I don't, yeah.

Okay. Yeah. Again, I would not get, unless I read the interviews with her, I would never have guessed that this was an anti-drug anthem. Okay? Mm-hmm. So lyrics that start off, they're just hmm hmm.

Beautiful, wonderful Chef Kiss. What? You

gotta be on something to think that.

Yeah, I know. All right, so here we go. Um, and I'll wait for your dad to like come story down the stairs. They're like, why then? Oh,

what are y'all talking about, Tyler? He can't hear us. What are you talking about?

Oh, I'm livestream right to your parents tv.

What are you talking about? So

this just got a lot more awkward. Sorry. Sorry. I love you d

uh, okay. So it starts off with, I heard Jesus did cocaine on the night out. Yeah. Right away. Like people were going like, wait, wait, what? At first what? So I read the lyrics first. Oh, you did? Okay. Before listening to it, listen.

Just because with my older age, shut it, it's better if I actually read it first, because then I'll understand it. The, the songs in the music better. I'm the same way because it's, otherwise if I try to listen to it, I'd be like, yes. Yeah. And be like, did I really just hear that or am I imagining that? No.

Yeah. I, that's, that's how I am with a lot of. A lot of songs where it's like, I'll listen to it and never have an idea of what they're singing until I look up the lyrics. Cuz I don't know what it is. I'm just like not focused on it. But this, I mean, for this one, yeah, I, I listened to it for a while and then like I did notice, I was like, wait, is she singing what I think she's saying?

And then I looked it up, I was like, oh my gosh. She's saying what I think she's

saying. So yeah, when I read it, My first in initial reaction was, maybe that's Jesus. I heard Jesus, some Mexican guy. I heard Jesus. And I was like, wait, nope. That doesn't fit the context with the rest of the song in the song title, right in heavens.

I was like, Nope, that's not it. Okay. Dang it. One can dream and ho, right? Yeah. Nope. So I heard Jesus did cocaine on the night out, eyes wide open, dilated, but he's fine now. And if his father ever finds out, then he'd probably knock his lights out. It's a little messy. Never gets a little messy. Never. Yeah.

We're not even gonna talk about the theological issues with that song because obviously this wasn't written as like a worship song or a theological song in all that regard. You know, cuz the whole, the thing of if and if his father ever finds out, well then that wouldn't mean that God is not an omniscient sort of deal thing.

So I'm like, oh, great, great, great, great, great.

Can't hide stuff from the father. Sorry

lady. Yep. He sees all and everything. Sorry. And that's a little disturbing at times I think that way. And it's like, oh wait, God could see everything that we do. Oh yeah. That, that's a little uncomfortable times. It can be.

It can be. Especially if we're caught doing something we shouldn't be doing and we know we shouldn't be doing it. And we've both been there. We've, we've all done that in life. Oh, yeah. Who, who hasn't? Yeah. That's, that's, that's fine. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That doesn't excuse it. That doesn't excuse it. But I'm just saying it's a, it's an experience we all have in common in that regard.

Ain't that truth?

Uh, you don't think so. Then you're lying to yourself. Okay.

And we've all lied to ourselves at times. Oh yes. But yeah. So that it kicks off with that and. I'll be honest. I think that that whole phrase there that, I don't know if that's Chorus one or what, because if that's Chorus one. It's also course one, chorus three Chos.

Oh yeah. It's the same. I mean, it

just, same chorus.

It, it's, it's just like, it doesn't change. It's just, and they're going, I'm like, man, Aaron must have really loved this song.

Literally. I like, I like the repetition. Yeah. Yeah. Um.

Yeah. For those, for those who aren't aware, Aaron hates repetition. Well, to some degree,

yeah, I do.

Um, but I mean, with songs, I mean, the chorus is normally the same. We're very close to it, I guess. I mean, yeah, there are people that do change things up in the course and whatnot, but. For the most part, they're all pretty darn similar.

Yeah, but you don't have to repeat it four times throughout this song.

This is not a, it is true. This is not a long song. This is only a two minute, 52nd song. Yeah. It is

short and that, yeah,

it's very short. And you have the same chorus slash verse repeated four times.

That's That is, yeah. I guess I didn't even really realize how short that song was until. Yeah, you'll look at it because, yeah, it does.

Like there's been times where it does feel like it's kind of long, like while listening to it.

Yeah. It's long because I'm like, please let this work. Please let this torture in. Please let this work. Please. Oh, it hasn't ended yet. Yeah. Dang it. Why? Why did I let Air talk me into this song?

Ah, well, I, there was a coin flip.


decided. I know, but it was on your list. I know. Yeah. Yeah. There we should have just done a different one. Well, we ended up with this song and Oh man, it's a, it's a,

it's a banger. Yeah,

a banger. Sure. Let's go with that. Um,

let's, even this where that is, I'm guessing we're you and I differ cause I kind of enjoy it a little bit musically, but.

I am guessing you don't at

all. Like I said, this is, this embodiment, this song is the embodiment of disappointment because it started out with guitar and some piano. It, it sounded like it had potential when it started. Okay. And then it just went. I don't even remember the beat because I wanted to drum it on my head so much, but just a, a drum and bass beat and that was it.

That was like the rest of the song. Yeah. And I just sat there and I said, no more. No more. This. I'll no longer live in my head. Well,

seeing this, yeah. Like I, well, as I had said earlier, it's not a song that I'd be like super stoked to be like, oh, I gotta listen to this one. This is all good. Mm-hmm. But like, just to have his like chill background music.

All right. I can get down to that. Other than that, I'd get, it'd get very boring very quick. Yeah. Which I mean, even like as soon as the song repeated, once when I listened to it, I was like, all right, I'm done with this song. Sorry. Nah, sorry. VE bee. It's just not my cup of tea.

Yeah. And I get where she, she said she tried to do the thing of like, oh, even the best people need saving at times, whatever, right?

That's like verse one and yeah, verse one. Uh, barefoot on the pavement. He was never complacent, held his ground for the town. And a statement leader, whatever that means, uh, never backs out in the argument, speaks out to the whole crowd when he saves them. But he was the one that needed saving. Now he's low key, crushed on the inside.

Oh, there's that Gen Z language there. Who? He's low key crushed,

low key. Crushed.

Uh, yeah. Uh, he gave all his all, and now he's breaking. You can see it in his eyes. Then it's back to, I heard Jesus did cocaine on a night out. You know, if this was about a typical person, I'd be like, oh, okay. Cool. But you start throwing that Jesus imagery in there, and immediately my body starts going, mm.

Reject. No, I can't do that. I, yeah, I, I can't do that. I'm vomiting that out. And, and she continues the Jesus imagery further on, uh, turning water into wine. That's mad. That's mad. That's mad. Everybody's always wants what he has. Yeah. And then we're back to Jesus doing cocaine. Yeah. And then that's the end, end of the song really.

They just repeat, gets a little messy in heaven over and over and over again for the rest of the song. After that, I'm like,

I mean, yeah, pretty much. Yeah. It's the course. Well there. Yeah. What is it? Staying out on the weekdays, weekends? No sleep for the week around here. Uh, wait. Yeah. Going out, getting lost in the deep end.

White lines, never dry. No tears. All

right. Yeah, we know what white lines they're talking about here. Right? No. Yeah, I do. I actually do. Yeah. Okay. You had me concerned there for a second. I was like, you just tell me who knows what white lines we're talking about here. Yes, I do. Okay. Yeah, so that's, yeah. Then Casey didn't know what that means.

The cocaine, the drugs. Um, yeah, so looking at the lyrics, honestly, This gets a zero for me. Oh, a

hundred percent. Yeah. I'm right there with you. Yeah. This is a one timer we've agreed. Oh my goodness. Yeah. So not one

time, but yeah. So here was a funny statement I found of hers that made me laugh. Uhoh genuinely laugh when I read it.

After reading the lyrics and listening to the song, I write really deep lyrics over really funky, cool beats. I don't want people necessarily cry at my songs. I want them to be like, I feel kind of sad, but I'm going to bop along to it.

That first part I write really deep lyrics.

Yeah. Well, we haven't heard or seen any of the rest of our stuff, so this

is song number two. We'll

find out. I mean, she,

that's the thing, but she was being interviewed about this song. Oh gosh, that background and right now I'm bringing up a thing for Erin to see little snippets of her dancing.

I think I could show this on the screen when we get there cuz this is recording the screen as well, so. Oh, okay. Oh, okay. But I think, I don't think I'll be copyright strict for doing that cuz that's all publicly available but True. It's, yeah, kind of cringe there. That's

it is kind of funny. Hey man, you gotta do what you gotta do.

But yeah, uh, yeah, maybe. I don't know. I dunno. Am I gonna listen to her music when it comes out? Uh,

yeah, probably not. I don't, I I guarantee you I'm not gonna give her another third one of her songs a thing, unless you recommend it. Um, for

this thing, again, now I'm gonna listen to it and now I'm gonna recommend it.

All right, dude, this is sick.

You'll love it. I mean, probably not. You'll know I'm lying to you, but,

all right. So music musically, like I said, this was an the epitome of disappointment. It started out with that promise guitarist and piano, and then just went drum and bass. And I'm a bass player and I respect the drummers in the world because I, I know, I know.

It's not like a bass player. It's like artificial, right. Bass. Yeah. Yeah. I, I get that, but.

You know, I should support the base in the world, but I can't support it here. I, I, I listened to it. I was like, I think I found something more repetitive and more boring than unholy. Woo. Ooh,


a tough one. I know that's what I said. I think I finally found it. The song that beats unholy

in the, I'm gonna find the most repetitive and boring song ever for you.

Then you're

gonna love my, my song selection.

Is it gonna be some sky music? Actually,

no. Oh, this is a style you probably would not expect me to pick, really? Okay. All right. All right. Mm-hmm. A little nervous, but anyways, music on this one out of five. No. Well, just Any thoughts first before you grade it? Oh,

I mean, yeah, like I said earlier, I mean it's, it's, to me, it's catchy.

Like I enjoy singing along to the melody of it while it's playing. Okay. Like it's easy for the melody to get stuck in my head and just like kind of hum along to

it. I want you to go upstairs and sing the first. I'm not I'll them. Melody, I want you to sing it to your dad. No,

there's the

tour kit. Like, dad, what do you think of this song?

Yo, I'm gonna be getting my lights knocked out. Just kidding. My dad

loves me. It's going to be messy. And on your street and Johnson household. Yeah. That, that's a roll off the tongue as well. No, it does not. Does he? In Johnson household,

the house of Johnson.

But, uh, I, uh, your mom would be like, oh, honey, she, I'm gonna pray for


Thanks, mom. She always is. But, uh, um, I, it's catchy to a point. Mm-hmm. It's fun for a bit, and again, it's like, I, I suppose it would be this genre in general. I could have in the background just chilling and relaxing, you know? Yeah. Low key, you know, hanging out. Don't

get me wrong, I used to listen to a lot of EDM when I was in college.

That makes a lotion, that makes real expression. No, I did actually, I just had it playing in the background. Yeah, but none with lyrics. Right.

See, and that's the thing, like if, if they took the, the vocal of this, like the vocals on the song and just had an instrument playing along with the melody mm-hmm. I would like it more cuz I just don't like the lyrics, but, uh, um.

As far as like mu it, it, there's nothing too special ab like, about it. Yeah. There's nothing, it doesn't like stand out as like something really caught my attention where Wow, that was really cool. I guess

just, which is 99% of edm. Yeah. I haven't listened to each, each song has like their own little hook.

Yes. And then it's like repetitive and this is why, this is why I stop listening. Okay. It's just all, it just gots so repetitive all the time. Take, take for example, one of the biggest songs ever in the e d M space. All right. What is it? Sandstorm. Oh,

see, I one, I don't remember. When did I learn about that song?

Like, I guess I've always kind of known it Uhhuh, but I never knew what, well, ooh. I mean, it's probably duster. Um, I guess it's been a few years. Yeah, but I mean, I found out about the song through a YouTube video cuz they're like making a joke out of it, of the song. But,

oh, I was thinking, I. Like Skk is considered, is that considered like Ed Mish or is that the

whole Yeah, he might be like, uh, was he, what did they

call that? I don't even remember what they called that phase of, um, like music. What, uh,

uh, is he, what is he house? He's, he, I'm trying to remember exactly what style he is.

What, what, what's it called?

It wasn't, I don't remember it being called Ed m I remember. I thought I remembered it being called dubstep.

Dubstep. That, that's it. Well, dub, that's dubstep. E D M encompasses all that is.

Yes, correct. Yeah. But like I was just thinking of the dubstep kinda stuff, like where there's some, so

I don't know.

Skrill is E D m, bro. Step dubstep, electro house, E D M, trap, Mumba, post Hardcore house. or something like that. Yeah. Weird. Hang on. I, inside of edm there are just so many different,

right? It's like metal encompassing, metal core and death metal. Oh yeah.

Rock music, music in general. It seems to be a lot more than like metal core because like every little like artist seems to have their own little like, niche style, but yeah.

So, yeah.

Yeah. So. Okay. Alright. Let's see. But yeah, when I would think of that kind of stuff, I would think of like SK SCRs and whatnot. And yeah, I always forget about the Sandstorm song, which I love that

song that that one's like the epitome, like, uh, local one. Yeah. And they actually have a music video, which I have previewed.

I actually, I didn't know that previewed here for Aaron right now. Oh. Uh, without audio, but yeah, that's their actual. Music video that they have. And you can kind of, in my head I'm watching and I could hear the little, I can't just all that going on. Oh, yep. But, but that's why I stopped listening cuz it just got so repetitive and this brought me back to that, this song and I was sure, nah, no, I'm out.

I'm not gonna give it a zero for the music just because of the fact that. It has something now, but here's a, here, here, here. Here's a little kick. Here's a little kick on this. Yeah. You know who wrote the music? Who? This Godard Fellow.

Oh, okay. Yeah. So VEB didn't write the musical part of it. She just put the lyrics and stuff to it.

Yeah. Which I'm sure probably had some sort of like involvement in it, but, Still, I mean, that's one of the things like for this song, like, it's like almost anyone and their mom could have just sat behind a computer, threw some stuff together in the, in the dah, and just boom. Like there'd been nothing to it.

So like Fruity Loops. Yeah. That's all you want to do. Yeah. Like our buddy, he does a lot more than

no. Yes, he does a lot more. No, I'm not, I'm just saying. Yeah. He uses Fruity Loops and you can just, it kind, I, I, I want to get into that cuz like, I want to do stuff like that. Like when I like go to like creating music, I.

I have to take a guitar and be like, all right, what can I do? And then I get so irritated with myself and get like one thing down. I'm like, well, I don't know where to go anymore. I never mess with anything outside of a guitar or, I mean, my drums, ear drums, but I normally start stuff on guitar if I try to write something.

But I could change that up. But yeah. All right. I,

so for music, I have to give this a one. Out of five. Out five. Okay. It's, it's not zero in our words. There's some skill to it, but at the same time, once you get beyond that little intro, it's just, it's just the same

thing over and over. Yeah. Like, yeah. It's, it's just on a loop.

Yep. Pretty

much to be, to be fair, to be fair, a hundred percent. They, I did see that. They do have, oh, they have remixes of it? Well, no, they have an acoustic version. Oh, I have not listened to it. I have not listened to that either. So there is a, an acoustic version that might get more musically on the scale because I kind of wanna listen to it.

You kind of have to replace all that drum and bass with other stuff. I, you could. You should, and you could. Now, if you did like real drums and real bass and that, that would still count as acoustic, but, mm-hmm. Don't know what they're doing, so I'd have to look, wanna listen to it now, maybe afterwards.

Afterwards. But then we can't talk

about it. All right, so we're back from listening to the acoustic version of Mess in Heaven, as well as the acoustic version. Music video. Nope.

Nope. If I, if we had to include this in the rating system, everything would go down a point. At least

the acoustic version was more simplistic and more repetitive than the EDM version.

Now it seemed like there was a chord, maybe a chord change in, uh, in some of the transitions from like the verse to chorus or whatever. Yeah. And there was one section where I noticed she did something different vocally at the end of a line, but, okay.

And then it's acoustic because it has an acoustic guitar

and some because ethereal keys. But that's not acoustic. That's electric, isn't it? It's electric boogie wood.

Okay. I guess you lose used electric devices to record. Oh god.

Yeah, cuz when I think of, when I think an acoustic session, right? Yeah. I think like an acoustic guitar, maybe an acoustic bass.

Uh, well, acoustic drums maybe. Uh, Kajo or Kaho. Coho. I don't wanna keep saying kajo.


kone is a lot cooler to say. So, you know, so, you know, stuff like that. It's low key, key, right? Not as high energy. You're not having this sustained ethereal electric keyboard in the background. Right?

So, And I heard there was, it's like they tried to add some sort of percussiony thing in there, but it was literally on like two hit, like two beats within a measure or whatever.

Just very simple. It's like if you were accenting the, didn't even accent like the kick, but it was like, it sounded like more of like a snare, like where the snare would land on, um, on like two and four kind of thing almost. Or in this case maybe he was on three, just to make it seem. More spaced out and whatnot, but yeah, maybe,

yeah, I'm not sure.

It, it, it, it became one of those videos of like, really?

Yeah, no, it, man, I, that was even more of a letdown than the original song,

which is impressive to say the least. Like I was hoping there

would be more again. With the regular song there, it's not like there was much added into it. Once it got going, it was all pretty much the same throughout the whole thing.

And that's how the acoustic one was, where I was like, all right, you have acoustic, and then yeah, you eventually add those keys in there, and that's about it. You add some reverb on the vocals and, uh, try and make it all more, um, oh, what's the word? I'm, I don't remember, but just kind of spacey and just like, Woohoo.

Yeah. But. It was her on cocaine. That was what we were hearing. Yeah, pretty much. And the music video was

No. Granted, I know people do this for music videos, but it was literally just

her singing in the car. Yeah. There's nothing to it. Okay. It was

very different

vibe than the other one. So let's talk about the original one, right?

The original one, right. Was Well, how was that? That was a bunch of people that showed up to the, um, invi to a house. And started pre partying like they were drinking. I couldn't tell if they were, uh, snorting anything.

I don't know either. Alls I know is there was a lot of shots going around,


yeah, there was a lot of shots going around.

There was a lot of things that just, I was just like, what is this? Um, yeah, because the, the way this started, that started, I was just like, wait, is this the right music video that I, that I started and everything? Um, yes. It's because it was just a bunch of people that just like were showing up at a house.

And I was like, going into Party Man. I was like, wait, what? What's going on here? I don't understand these things. Well, I don't understand these things at all. And then, yeah, it just became, it transitioned from them pre partying at a house, to going to a club, to going to a club, you know? And, and it, it starts off with everyone just kind of send their like ring doorbell and everything.

And I'm like, yeah. I'm like, that's wonderful. On so many levels, but yeah. Before we talk more on the video there, uh, yeah, we, we rated, we, we raid the music, right? I gave it a one. What'd you give that? Yeah, same. A one. Wow. Yeah. What's going on? What's going on? We're agreeing, but then

it's just like a thing.

Yeah. I.


that's why, like do I be so, I guess critical of it or not? Because like at times, like doing less is more sort of thing where it's like you don't need to go wild with it and do so many different, try and be so unique and different with it, right. To make something, but at the same time it's like, uh, it's, yeah.

It's just like you just threw something in the computer. Repeated it and sang over it, and that was it.

Here, here's my statement to you. Very basic on this, be as critical as this, as you would be on anything else. I, I'm trying to be as evenly keeled, critical on everything Yeah. As I possibly can. Okay. I, I, regardless if I agree with them or not lyric wise or whatnot.

Right, right. I'm trying to take each segment and bring it down and be like, if I look at this objectively, And obviously some subjectiveness is gonna come in there. Mm-hmm. There, there's no way That's not gonna happen because I can take someone else who loves Ed m I'm thinking of someone in particular, someone a guy I used to work with.

Okay. Who is always at EDM raves in that. Uh, and he would love this song. He would give this like top marks all around, ugh. The guy's older than me and he still loves and lives the ed m lifestyle. He

can't be that old.

He's probably about a good, I'm just trying, I'm trying, I'm trying to

make you younger.


I think he's about good. He's not old. He's probably about a good five to eight years older than me. Okay. You right. Okay. Still good guy, but yeah, he, he, yeah, he definitely lives the e D M. Okay. Electronic lifestyle and just loves it and everything. No thanks. Uh, so he would be like, yes, yes, yes. More, more, more.

Five all around. See, so that's why I said you're like, I don't know if I'm being too critical. Be okay. As critical as you feel you need to be, be honest with it. You don't have to be like, well, I don't. I'm gonna rate it low on the music just because I don't like the lyrics. Oh, you could, no, you can hate the lyrics and still rate the music

high, right?

Yeah. But no, it like, had I started to put this together, I would feel like it was incomplete where it's at and I don't know. I mean, yeah. Wow.

The music video is so, so, I did not mean for you to look down at that point. I could like forgot about that part of the music video. Me too. Which

is perfect timing.

Um, I was like, yeah, if a friend like wrote this, I'd be like, all right. Yeah, it's cool, but all right. What, what else are you gonna do? But I mean, I also just came back from a metal show and they do a lot more than just, You know,

I, I I will give you this, sir. Yeah, cuz I know what Mero you came from. Ye Okay, great one.

It's not my cup of tea at all. Oh, the metal? No, no. Well, neither is no this. No, no. But yeah, I have to give 'em props that they are a lot more skilled than this.

Thank you. Okay. They got. Real good skills on the, the instruments. Yeah. So,

so that being said, are you still gonna stick it outta one? Yeah. Oh,

a hundred percent.

Okay. Yeah. All right. Like I could go make this song if I got Fruit Loops right now. Yeah. And I've never done this, but we'll never done that. I guess. Played with Fruit Loops before. So

Ozzie are a few samples and away you go. Yeah. Then you can pitch, shift them a little bit to change the keys up and boom.

Yeah. All right.

That's all I got for it.

All right. Music, video, time,

garbage. I hate it. I don't like it.

Well, okay. Um, you beat me to it. Why? Yes.

I mean, it doesn't, for me, it, especially after hearing how it's supposed to be against drugs. The music video tells me otherwise, right? Like it's just, and also to me, like I didn't understand why they picked that, well they did that video for that song lyrically.

Cause I was like, what does any of us have to do with Jesus and getting lights knocked out and. Anything. It's just kids partying and being stupid.

Yeah. Going back to the whole, you know, dream she had and everything, you're like maybe something that would appear in the music video? No, nothing. No. Literally, it's a bunch of young adults drinking, drinking and clubbing and dance.

They're, they're pre partying, you know? Yeah. They're partying up before going to the club. It's, yeah. Eating some pizza and she's looking something weird. I don't know what that was. She was just looking. Yeah. I, it was a, it was probably like a, like a alcohol spout pour thing. We

just had some crusties on it.



Oh, oh. What made you, cause I mean, it looked like there was

something like on there that was like, oh, that's not just

liquid. So there's a part of the music video and we actually, just so I have it playing on the screen, the mantras for me and Aaron to kind of view and refresh ourselves on Yeah.

Oh, there's not much to refresh.

I know, but there was one part in here. It, it's, it was like a, like a nineties sitcom, uh, show where it's like, yeah, just that the flashing of the pitchers just randomly in sequence there. Yeah. Of random parts from the night. It's like, oh, look, wait, why did I stop it here on a guy got makeup, what the heck?



there, done that. So yeah. So it's them pre partying and then getting in a cab, cab or vehicle of some sort going crazy. Dancing.

Yeah, dancing. Smoking.

Oh, vaping. And all that. And then they just go and continue to do that. They get to the, I did not mean to pause there. Uh, they get to the club, shut it, uh, and just continue doing the same exact thing all the rest of the night.

And that's, yeah, that's all it is. And you have the random white guy going,

because apparently that's a white guy thing. Yeah.

Oh, of course. Yeah. We don't know what else to do, so.

Well, it's better than the white girl thing. Of what? Of

doing this. Oh,

yes. I'm like, what's, I'm like, what the heck is going on here? So that's I, that's literally this entire night is our music video. No. Is and then some, for whatever reason they have video of her, like in a Porta John or toilet.


singing. Just singing the song.

I'm like, is this where you end up at the end of the night because of all the drugs that you just did that

and just gotta. Let it all out, you

know? Yeah. I'm like, who, who in their right mind wanted to be like, Hmm, you know what'd be great in this music video? Let's record in a bathroom.

Well, not even, well, I guess, yeah. Is

a bathroom, but a, a stall of a bathroom. Not even, yeah. Not the whole bathroom. They're just in a stall. Looks like a porta potty sitting on the John. Looks like an industrial porta potty. Yeah. So what do you give this music video, sir?


or negative if I could. I'm just kidding. Dang it, I'm, I'm beating you to your own

answers. Yes. Wow. It was so far, we've had the same exact answers across the board. Heck yeah. I'm

impressed. Yeah, I'm kind of a little shocked. A little bit, but I mean, this one, this one's

kind of special. I'm actually a little shocked as well because of the fact that A, you suggested it and B, you're like, well, I think I'll like the music a little bit more and

then, yeah, no, I don't.

Okay. After.

Yeah. Okay. I, I don't even have to ask last question cuz I know where this one's gonna end out. Cuz I know where I'm going end around this one. Do. It aligns the Bible. It's a hypocritical zero. Yes. It's, it's, it's bad. Uh, heretical zero. It's bad.

It ain't nope, no

good. And so I'm just like, no. Will this end up on my playlist?

Zero. No. A hundred percent not, no. No. Oh. Will it end up on your, I thought it my, no, I'm kidding.

Although I did, I did find it funny when I went to go search the song to listen to it on my phone, I was like, oh, I already have the song downloaded. Really? So, well, I think, I think I did it cuz I was gonna, um, I heard it at work and I wanted to listen to it later.

Okay. So I download it at work. So I wouldn't be using data on the way or like while driving. Not that it would've been that much data now that I look back on it, but. Yeah. So, um, then, well, I guess I have to add it to the, the user words.

Yeah. That it's gonna get added to that. It's gonna get added

to the playlist, but I'm not gonna keep it downloaded.

So, because that's needed space that that song should not be taking up. Yeah.

All right. So this thing has scored a total of one point across the board that it makes, like if I had like windows, um, You know, I don't know. Television show, like game shows. Yeah. With, uh,

that's exactly what it gets. That's exactly what it gets.

Sorry, now I'm sorry.

Uhuh. No, so it's, it's the first one that we've had. Oh

yeah. All right. It'll be a better one next

time actually. I think so. Yeah. So. Yeah. Any other comments before we move on from this song?

Well, cuz obviously we've given our thing.

Yeah. Our review of it. If there's anything y'all thing differently, let us know. I guess

make sure to address your letters to Aaron. No,

I mean you can't, I don't care. Whatever. Yeah, yeah. No, you can unleash. Un, un, un un. Unleash, unleash, unleash your rage against me as to why I would suggest this song, if you feel to do so.

Trust me, I didn't even unleash any of my

anger towards you. I'll just probably

be later then. No, no. Help. So yeah, no other comments then on this? No, I'm glad it's over. Then I'm gonna tell you the song that we're going to do for Oh, so you

just, you have one

picked out? Yep. I have one, one picked out. This isn't a flip.

This isn't a kick. I don't get to choose. This is, there's no choice. This is a, I'm telling you what it is. Congratulations. This is what we're doing, Laurie. Hallelujah. All right. Oh, that's the song? No, no. Ah, so this song Yes. Is from an artist who's going on his farewell tour. Oh. He is going on his farewell tour because he feels led to stop doing his music tours and go into ministry.

Okay. So, you know, that's what he feels convicted to do. So he's doing his farewell tour. This song does feature a cameo. A uh, someone from Demo Demolition Ranch. Damn. Demolition Ranch.

Yeah. Demolition Ranch. Demolition Ranch. It's, it's, wait, someone from

it? Yeah. Matt.

Oh, like Matt? Him. Oh,

okay. So Matt is in it with a bunch of other gun tubers.

What? Yep. Okay. The video itself, the song itself is four years old, okay? And it contains, so it contains a bunch of people you know, in the video that are just kinda like around doing things. But there's two singers on the video. The second singer is Earl Dibels Jr. Do you know who that is? No idea. All right.

The main singer is Granger Smith. No idea. And the song is called Holler. What? Okay. I dunno. Anything about this Grainer Smith, and this is why I said you would probably not guess this from me. Yeah. Is a country artist.

Yeah. All right. What Uhhuh Ho Hollerer.

H O L L E R L. Hollerer. Yep. By Granger Smith. So

that, who was Earl and, and Earl Dibel Jr. And Earl Dibel Jr. Yep. Featuring Matt from Demolition Ranch and a bunch of other gun tubers and a couple other guys that are just that, that like hang around with Matt in that like, I forget the guy's name, but he's like one, like the big strong muscle guy.

Like he could pull semis. Yeah. And in the music video, he's pulling a semi in part of, oh my God.

Gosh. That's awesome. I I love how you mentioned that. And I'm also wearing,

I saw a truth. I saw. What's up Matt?

Um, wow. Okay.

You probably never thought I'd pick up a country song, huh? So,

explains your shirt, you know, you're getting into the country scene.

No. Kind of work in your

fashion there. No, that's not, that's not any reason why at all. I just, I like over shirts. Well,

no, I'm talking about the style of it though. I mean, you're just slowly working your way into the country.

You know, I'm not pulling a Josh here and see, if I wanted to go full Mexican, I'd like button the top shirt.

The top button of the shirt? Yeah. And then like leave the rest of it unbuttoned, or you button it like, like right here? Yeah, and just leave it all. I never understood that style myself. I'm like, why people? Because it looks like a cape when you run. So, yeah. When you, uh, watch the video and listen to this song, I want you to tell me what you think about the interaction between Grainer Smith and Earl Dibels


Okay. All

right, cool. All right. Did you ever think I would suggest a country song? No. The only, the only reason is, is because I, Granger Smith, he is on his farewell tour and he is, he wants to figure out what he can do ministry wise afterwards when he gets done. He goes, this is where I feel I'm being pulled and called towards by God and he's like, I gotta follow that instead of doing what I want to do, which is music.

Well props to him on that. Wow. Yep. I'm excited for this one.

Now, this one, I'll say this. Don't look for anything like try to find anything spiritual deep on it. No, it's just a fun, fun. And you'll, when you see the video, you'll understand what I mean. It's just a fun

song like, so it'd be like Mercy Me is like happy to dance song as where it is just, it's just, it's just a fun song to

even more nonsensical than that.

Yeah. And more country. Well,



more country, more redneck. Yeah. Geez, my, I might, his neck is a little red, as they say.

I think I'm gonna like this. Uh, maybe, I don't know. It's a country's a hit or miss for me sometimes. This is, this is def this stuff. I

enjoy this, this, this is definitely not the twangy.

This is more that rock country. Okay. I'll probably enjoy it. If it was an Earl Dibel Jr song, it would definitely be more twangy twang. But again, Earl Dibel does also have a song called Diesel, which is all about diesel trucks. So diesel. It'd be interesting to hear your analysis of that and your comparison contrast between those two singers, cuz they basically split the song in half.

Okay, cool. And I'll see if you can notice who is who or what's, let's just say, I'll see if you can figure out the, the interesting fact. Oh geez. Probably not. If you do, I'll be very impressed. Well then definitely not, and if you don't, I'll be like, really? Are you blind? Just can't win.

There's no winning with this thing that,

that's probably true.

All right, sir. So you got your marching orders on the song for next time. You got your idea on what's going on. I'll send you a text with a link directly to a video. I was just gonna Oh,

it and everything. Pull it up. Holler. Okay. Yeah. Grinder Smith and Earl Bel

Jr. Earl Dibel Jr. Yep.

Adding it to the


It's, um, bet. But yeah, with the video it ha like, it starts off just as a preview, literally, or, uh, Granger sitting there in the field. He goes, Hey, I'm bored. Who wants to come to the, I don't know if you've ever seen people with the shirts that say, ye ye ye ye. That's, that's him. That's where it comes from.

Is that really? Yeah. Nice. So he goes, I'm bored. Who wants to come to the Yei farm? And then, and like he, and then you see like mad and all these other people just responding like, oh yeah, da da da da, coming. And then it's, you see a big lineup of pickup trucks and semis just coming to the, the farm. And yeah, that starts the whole, the whole thing.

America. So in review this week, mess in Heaven scored a total of one point It, yeah. Utterly failed. Let's see how, uh, holler p Ranger Smith and Earl Dal Jr.

Does imagine it's gonna do better.

We'll see. Not hold, I'm not, I'm not gonna say anything about any grading yet. Cause you haven't listened to it yet.

And it's, I have not. Yeah, we'll see. All right, ye, so next week is going to be book again, chapters 11, 12. 11 to 12. Thank you. Gee, we're, and we'll talk about what we're doing with book and music when we start that one up. And then after that, well, we're gonna turn the tables and Aaron's gonna leave the conversation, the episodes after that.

So we'll see how that goes and where Aaron takes us on things in this journey that we call life. Dangerous I'm, we're entrusting our lives Kiss. Goodbye. All right. Thank you again for joining us. See you next week.