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131. Small Bites of Equity Strategies: Featuring Hedreich Nichols
17th January 2021 • Aspire to Lead • Joshua Stamper
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In a time where current events have created strong emotions, how are we able to have conversations about racism, equity, and injustice? This week’s guest, Hedreich Nichols, shares strategies she uses to facilitate difficult conversations, empower student’s voices, and increase equity in schools.  In this episode, we discuss:
  • Asking important questions about who else was apart of our country’s history
  • Making sure we have opportunities to share and celebrate people of color
  • Hedreich’s books on Ant-Racism and Black Lives Matter
  • And an exciting “Small Bites” announcement

About Hedreich Nichols:

Hedreich Nichols, author, educator, and host of the YouTube series on equity strategies for educators, #SmallBites, is a retired Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter who uses her experiences as a “one Black friend” to help others understand race, equity, and the whys and hows of becoming more culturally responsive educators. Her YouTube series Small Bites is one way she reaches educators striving to create more inclusive spaces. As an edtech teacher, Hedreich uses design thinking and project-based learning to empower students to become agents of change. Their student-led projects to provide them with opportunities to connect with local and global communities through podcasts, service-learning, and advocacy campaigns. Her work as district lead teacher and course writer makes a path for CTE students across the district to have the same real-world learning opportunities. In addition to teaching and hosting #SmallBites, Hedreich just finished two books for Cherry Lake publishing’s middle school Racial Justice in America library series, and she is currently writing a book on strategies to help teachers reduce bias in classrooms, due out next year. When not teaching, writing, or speaking on social justice issues, Hedreich spends time reading, being a mom to @swisschrisonbass, and spending time with friends, family, and god-dog Harper.

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