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Quantum Coffee with Joe Hawley Podcast - Joe Hawley EPISODE 28, 8th February 2021
Your Purpose is Within You with Kaveh Kavoosi
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Your Purpose is Within You with Kaveh Kavoosi

This week we have Kaveh Kavoosi on the show!

Kaveh Kavoosi, MD is an Emergency Medicine Physician and Chief Medical Officer of Nurosene, focusing on Integrative Medicine and Psychadelic Research. He is also the former Co-Founder and President of Spectrums. While he practices medicine as a career, it does not touch the depth of his being… as Dr. Kaveh says, it is “what I do, not who I am.” 

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Kaveh’s upbringing and how he chose to go into the medical field
  • The current state of the western medical model and how Kaveh approaches it differently
  • How we can bring spirituality into the hospital
  • An incredible story from Burning Man
  • Kaveh’s experience with panic attacks 
  • How we find purpose and meaning in our lives
  • Confronting our barriers and tasting the expansiveness of life 
  • Witnessing and stepping into truth
  • The relativity and internalization of trauma and how it is expressed in the body
  • Why depression and anxiety manifest 
  • Allowing the people we love to grow at their own pace
  • Sitting with and creating safe space for negative emotions
  • Seeing God within ourselves 
  • Living like we are dying 
  • Experiencing life through silence and stillness
  • Where are we headed as a collective? 
  • How getting to know ourselves, on an individual level, helps heal the collective

Tools and works discussed in this episode:

Connect with Kaveh:

Instagram | @kavehkavoosi 

Website | DrKavoosi.com

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