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Our Psychological Wellness
Episode 9815th June 2021 • Love In Your Life • Dolah Saleh
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Knowing how to maintain our physical health begins very early on in our lives and therefore is familiar to us. We essentially know how to attend to our physical well being. We are also aware of the numerous resources to assist us in the maintenance of our physical health.

It's not the same in caring for our psychological well being. We are not always as familiar with resources available to help us. Even when we are, accessing those resources may be accompanied with self-punishing thoughts and unconscious behaviors. We may feel guilty that we even need help; we may be embarrassed about it. We may reject the notion, and resist getting the help we need, leaving us feeling like a failure.

None of those reactions (and that's what they are) are even necessary. We are better to develop the compassion for ourselves and reach out, knowing that help available. Besides, the people who love us are there for us. They are more than willing to open their hearts and hold our hand.