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The Go To Girl Helps You Do More and BE More – Natalie Cutler-Welsh
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The Go To Girl Helps You Do More and BE More – Natalie Cutler-Welsh




Today’s guest is Natalie Cutler Welsh, an author, speaker, podcaster, social media coach, and impact entrepreneur on a mission to help women in business DO more and BE more. Natalie is from Canada but now lives in New Zealand with her family. Natalie tackles the following:


“Introverts can wear a great scarf or piece of jewelry to take the focus off them at networking…
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  • What time do you normally go to sleep and wake up?

Some of my clients go to bed really late so I’m working on setting some boundaries. I’m usually in bed by 11 pm and I’m trying to limit the late night calls. My wake up time depends on my four-year-old, but is usually in the 6-7 am time frame.

  • What was your first job?

I had no job in high school. I wanted several jobs, but my dad wouldn’t let me. I ended up working at a hospital in the Customer Service Department.

  • What about after that?

After college, I worked with outdoor education with youth. My common thread through every job was my desire to help people.

  • When was the turning point in wanting to help people with social media?

That came much later because parenthood came first. I started blogging about relationships and then branched into podcasting. I used Facebook and Pinterest to help women with businesses. That’s how Go To Girl came about.


“If you know the personality type of your business partner, you can get along better.”
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  • Have you ever thought ahead—like what’s next?

Yes! For example, 20 years ago, I thought about doing retreats with yoga, healthy drinks, etc. Now I think more about women entrepreneurs, their goals, values, life path, social media, and networking. I came back to my vision from 20 years ago.

  • What is the one social media platform you love the most?

The hottest right now are Blab and Periscope. Periscope, of course, is done on your phone, and Blab differs in that you can have four faces on the screen and bring others on to join you. They are both livestream video and give insight into the person. They are live and not prerecorded, which makes them real, raw, and authentic.

  • How can one leverage social media platforms to do business?

Social Media can give people a window into who you really are. You have the opportunity to put great content out there. Social Media can: increase credibility, grow your following, showcase your expertise, and advertise your call to action.

  • How did you get into “in-person” events, and what advantage is that to business?

Since I live in New Zealand, I meet a lot of moms who want to start their own businesses. Live events and networking allow me to help them. I used to do many workshops in cafes and conduct business groups from my house. Soon, I plan on doing a workshop on how to use Periscope and Blab to grow your business. Live events should be as often as once per quarter.

  • Do you have tips for public speaking?

You can’t get nervous. I’ve always been good at thinking on my feet. I like to use a Powerpoint but not have it scripted. I like to start with a story using a metaphor and then have a Q & A session at the end. You have to be aware of the four types of people in your audience: the What people, the Why people, the How people, and the What If people.

  • Talk about networking tips and tactics people can use.

For in-person networking, you have to know your goal and think about what you wear. Your goal is to look and feel confident. You can’t feel pressured or focus on business cards. Don’t ask, “What do you do?”

  • What is your take on business cards?

I love them! I have big, postcard-sized ones that are FUN! Cam Culkeon says if you plan to give out cards, then give two. One is for them and one is to give away to someone else.


“The idea of social media is for people to know what you’re doing in real time.”
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  • Have you ever felt that you were too pushy or infringing on people at networking events?

Yes, even as recent as last week. It’s because of my personality. You have to be aware of your type. I took the Myers-Briggs personality test, animal style, which has otter, beaver, lion, and retriever. I have the “disease to please,” so I feel like I’m always “in your face” talking. Depending on my audience, I have to tone it down sometimes in order to be in rapport with someone.

  • The trophy on your mantel? “Something for a contribution to a cause.”
  • Guilty pleasure? A hot bath!
  • Currently reading? In the Arena by Diane Foreman
  • Productivity hack? Turning off Facebook notifications
  • Personal motto? “Give, give, get.”
  • What if you have a call to action and no one responds?

Ask for comments on posts. Re-read your posts and see if they will motivate people to like, comment, and share.

  • What would you do differently? “I would like to study media at university, since I love it so much.”

Connect with Natalie:


On Facebook, find her at Go To Girl: Social Media and Networking