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Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader - Kelly Baader EPISODE 5, 15th August 2016
Chris Ducker | How To Build Personal Brand Based Business
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Chris Ducker | How To Build Personal Brand Based Business

#5: Today you're in for a treat! Our guest today is the successful serial entrepreneur, Amazon Best selling author, and influential Podcaster and mentor to personal brand entrepreneurs: Chris Ducker.

We just heard those glorious achievements of Chris on top of he owns a brick & mortar business with over 400 employees. And when you met Chris today, you probably thought he is just born as a successful entrepreneur. He has that kind of charm. However, his journey of business building hit a horrific incident in 2009, when he was seriously burn out, it changed EVERYTHING for him.

In the conversation, you will hear the behind-the-scene stories, where & HOW his Youpreneurs was born, and WHY it’s his 10-year plan to build up this community. What specific key elements to create a vibrant community, top tips in Personal Branding for entrepreneurs. And You don’t want to miss Chris’ most embarrassment moment in his journey. Seriously, that will make you day!