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Episode 1044th May 2023 • Smoking Underground • John Viviani
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The Senelio Edition Limitada Nicaragua 2022 is our backdrop as we discuss Mexico's new tobacco legislation and how it impacts you. We discuss flavored cigar legislation in the US. We question the health risks of Marijuana and question why it gets a pass. Gary and Devin keep John's boring legal talk exciting. All on the episode of Smoking Underground.

The "Thrifty Travelers" Take on the Tabacco Ban

ABC News On the Ban

Recent State and Federal Laws Impacting Flavored Tabacco

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00:10:29 No smoking in Mexico.

00:15:00 Tobacco legislation is illogical.

00:20:51 Cigars and marijuana

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io Edition Limitada Nicaragua:

01:09 John tell you all about this cigar. And I really like it because of the size or the shape I guess. It's a pyramid. 6 and an eighth by 54. It's reported to be a medium strength with a Nicaraguan wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan filler. And we all know how I like a Nicaraguan puro. And it's brought to you by, they call it God of Fire Senelio cigars. And they're inspired kind of by pleasures. What else? Senelio is the Spanish word for simple. And to be looking at this, it doesn't look like a simple cigar. Not with the shape, not with the pigtail. And it's actually a hefty cigar too. It feels well. I don't notice weight to cigars that often, but this one has a little bit of weight

01:57 Devin to it. I get the feeling John, that this isn't, it says simple, but I don't think this is one you'd give to a brand new cigar smoker. Because they look at that pigtail and go, what the

02:07 John hell do I do with that? This is your, oh we just got your W2 and that filled out. We're going to have you start rolling these today. Yeah. That's right. First day in the factory. I don't think this is the cigar you start with. No, I don't think it is.

02:22 Devin If it is, I would really hate to see what you do your second week. That's right. And then today's libation of choice is going to be the LaFroy Quarter Cask. It is a wonderful Isla Scotch whiskey. I highly recommend it. Pick it up where you can. Enjoy it. Scotch goes, in my opinion, with just about every cigar, maybe not flavored cigars,

02:43 John but it goes with everything. And the more of it you drink, the more of it it goes with, right? Yes, indeed. Keep in mind, you can pick this cigar up at any of these cigars and more of Itola Fine Cigars locations in the Birmingham Tuscaloosa areas. That's right. Orders $49, $50 or more. I want to say $49.99. We'll ship to you for free as of the recording date of this show. That's subject, always subject to change in the world we are. Go ahead, pick yourself up a couple and listen to a few other episodes and find out. What's the general price range on this one? This simple cigar? I honestly don't know what our pricing is. I lost the notes. Let's see here. It comes in a box of $25. You're probably looking about $11.50, $11.99.

03:35 Devin Man, that is such a great price. That's just a great price point for something so hefty and such great flavor. I think that's the point we like to pull across is there is a price gap difference sometimes when you step up to the $20 price range, the $50 price range, but you can still find some good stuff within that $10 area. I think you can find some good ones and you'll see we do a lot of smoking around that range. I mean, that's not our standard, but it's not our, I wouldn't say it's not our standard. It's not our, we have

04:08 John to. I get that feeling you're going to start seeing just a little bit better cigar in that low teens and up range just because everything's getting there. But in order for you to sell a cigar there, the public perception is still going to be, if I got to pay this much, it's got to be a good cigar. Right, right. Kind of the question that gets asked a lot more now is not what's new, it's what's good. They're not getting a $7, $8 cigar anymore. They don't want to smoke 10 cigars and have $150 into it to find out what's good. They're going, you've smoked them all. What are you recommending today? Because the money is actually getting up there and it's getting serious. And people might not have the disposable income to, oh, I'm going to try this. I'm going to try that. Even my regulars that would experiment a lot, they're even coming up and going, what do you think of this one? Or what have you heard about this one? A lot

05:10 Devin more than they were two and three years ago. Yeah, I would agree. Our main topic today is Mexico and why we don't visit anymore. And you're probably thinking, is this a travel episode? Is this a, you know, because of Montezuma's revenge? What's the deal here? Why are we talking about Mexico and why we don't visit anymore? Well, there's actually a little bit more detail into it. Something that's kind of like almost John's forte. It's almost like the legal light with John. I'll be honest with you. I'm still using that term, whether we've discarded it or not at the moment. And I think John can speak to this highly at this point. Gary, based off just the name of the topic, what do you think John's

05:54 Gary going to talk about briefly? Oh God. Well, let's say being to the today's time and, and, and of course, just gazing off the news in which, uh, it has just happened here recently. You know, it's Mexico's just the cartel starting to take over. I mean, it's, but on this particular case here, I think it's going to be, um, yeah, I think it's going to have a legal aspect to it here. I think so. Yeah. It's, you know, not only becoming, I think more and more dangerous, uh, down there, you know, and of course it's moving north, unfortunately, right. Thanks to, so we'll skip that, but yeah, I'm not in any hurry to go to Mexico and do anything down there, whether it be in general, you know, a good part of that country or a bad part of the country, because I mean, I've been to Honduras, Cambodia, right through the edge of Nicaragua, you know, so it's, you're looking at some stuff down there. That's those folks think another way they do. And man, drugs rules anytime, anything to make money, man, anything legal,

07:04 Devin illegal, blah, blah, blah. And I think it's very interesting to kind of start off John and his, uh, his, the legal aspect he's going to be telling us about it is it's pretty astonishing what happens down there and how their government and all the society over there. It's kind of alluding to what Gary was talking about, but how we're still getting really, really nice cigars out of those regions and stuff. That's what makes it a luxury. It's what makes it so good. Like the typical phrase is, you know, a cigar like this has touched a hundred hands before it's even gotten to you. And they're

doing the particular blend of:


11:44 Gary Doesn't sound very capitalistic. If you sent, ask me good grief. Good God. So what it's Mexico, right? Yeah. Forget to forget the cartel, forget the murders, forget the drug trafficking, everything else that goes along with that. Forget the high crime rate and, uh, and guards standing outside of the freaking convenience stores with shotguns because it won't get robbed. Forget all of that. Let's get rid of tobacco. Let's get rid of that. Like targeted for no reason. Right. Right. You know, I mean, it's, it's like, uh, let's just trash the car cause it's got a bad paint job. You know, good grief. I thought I wanted to live down there at one time. I've changed my mind entirely. But, uh, tobacco is not too bad coming from there. What are you thinking about this, uh, so really oh so far. It's in really, oh, amen. This is good, dude. This is good. Uh, what do you think, Dave? This is tasty, man. This is good. It starts off the right move. It's freaking going smooth. Great, great flavor to it. Man. It's got a nice little hint of cedar and vanilla, as well as a little bit of dark chocolate. See, I haven't gotten the vanilla out of it yet. Where are you tasting that? What are you the back end, the front end? I normally taste the front end. I leave the back end alone when it comes to taste. I'm shaking my head in disappointment

he's a master blender at Casa:

13:46 Gary 10th anniversary, Maduro, Churchill, Light Notes of Chocolate, mild cigar. Are you talking about purchase sales in that region? You're not talking all over. The entire country of Mexico. The entire country of Mexico. Okay. Damn. From the Yucatan peninsula to the doors of Panama. To the door. Did you hear they're changing their name? You didn't, you didn't, Mexico, they're changing

y would mean that in the year:

16:05 Devin this weed or this weed that's better. Oh, but, but marijuana is all natural. Which baffles me when I hear that because I'm going, you know, tobacco is like an organic leaf that grows, right? There you go. Like it's fits in the same category of organic. The only reason it's not organic is the cigarette companies that use really crappy tobacco and then add poisons to it. Very good. This, uh, Sanrio, it's just, I can't imagine you looking at this and thinking, okay, this, this is the same as a cigarette. This is the same as marijuana. It's not even, not even close, not even close because I can get off of work sitting in the parking lot at my job, light up a cigar and be fine. Drive home with it in my truck. But if I light up a joint, which I never have, but if I load up a joint right there, my boss sees it. It'd be like, you could get fired for that. Yeah. Yeah. That's crazy, man. It's crazy to not to, not to make a one for one comparison of the two plants, but you're talking the methodology of rolling them, lighting them and enjoying in the way that the individual ways that you enjoy each plant. It's similar. It's similar in that aspect. And I think all the legislation you have, that's now reversing, it's almost like Bizarro world. That's reversing is it's not based in logic. It's really not based in logic. It's, it's really just, just nonsense being pushed. In my opinion, it's nonsense. The fact that there is no real people aren't paying attention to the studies. We have a link on our website, for the monogram number nine. And it's like a 250 page like scientific blah, blah, blah, research paper that talks about the detriments and how minuscule they are. I think the highest one was like 1.7, something like that percent out of a hundred. And you're going what? Yeah. And you did the, if you do the same study on cigarettes, it's drastically different. And I'm sure if they did a study on marijuana, it wouldn't be that high

18:04 Gary either. It would, it would be, it would be similar to cigars in the, in the concept. That's beside the point. Yeah. Here's a, here's a little twist for you and John interrupt if you need to, if you, if you're, I can just say something. But, uh, my father-in-law, of course, is just going through some hard times. He had a stroke, you know, and, uh, he is a two pack a day smoker. You know, he enjoys his libation about a half a case a night and he had a hard stroke. He's, you know, he's not doing very well at all, but let me tell you the, let me enlighten something here. Okay. We went to the hospital and I was asking about how he's doing as far as the nurses goes, what's his vitals? Uh, and he's been smoking for some, I don't know, 50 years. Uh, he's 72, he's 72 and he's been smoking for some, I don't know, 50, 55 years. I asked him, I said, well, what's the vitals look like? Uh, you know, anything out of whack or whatever else. And she flipped that thing over and she says, no, no, everything. I said, what about his lung capacity? How's his lungs doing and his liver? And she flipped it over again. She said, they're normal. They're normal. And I said, what? And she said, yeah, they're normal. And I said, wow. Wow. So even the cigarette tobacco that he was inhaling for years, still has not done a whole lot to him when it comes to that. And that's crap. That's, that's considered junk, uh, along the tobacco industry. It's not considered good tobacco. It's not considered high line. And it's definitely not considered big leaf tobacco. She literally does not have as much nicotine as small leaf tobacco, which is what cigarettes are made of. Very strange that something like even that right there had no effect on him, even two packs a day. You know, it did constrict some, some vessels here and there, but his lungs were clear in a sense of he's gotten off of them within the last three weeks. His lungs are healing and I couldn't believe that that was fascinating to me, but I don't know that that right there just dumb founds me when it comes to people like that in the dope and then the cigars being, well, you need to keep those out of the way. I don't know. It's, it's boy, it's so bad.

20:26 Devin You get into the big cigarette lobby, all that kind of stuff. It's all money-based. It's not, it's not health-based. Cause you know, as well as I do in the nineties, they did that push for, stop smoking and that didn't stop people from smoking. It actually increased like their money just went out the roof. They just made so much money off of that campaign. Cause like, what's that saying? Like any press is good press, even if it's bad, you know,

20:51 Gary and that's exactly what it did. Yeah. That's what Larry Flint said. Larry Flint said, I marketing is marketing propaganda is where it's at. And, uh, and I was like, wow, you know, that's coming from a man who used to dress up in diapers and go out in public and in peddlers

n early, well between October:

26:15 Devin bottom well drink somehow has become very top of the line, top shelf now. Don't market it. Tito's has stepped up. Yeah, right.

26:24 John And I'm not naming certain vodkas and such and whiskeys, but it just listen, pay attention, buy your CRA packs, help support, throw, you know, if $120 is too much or a hundred, I think, well, $200 for the latest CRA pack. If that's too much for you, instead of buying five cigars, next time you're in a cigar shop, I'm sorry, Harris, buy four and send that $10 off to the CRA. They don't have to sell you a pack to accept your donation. Yeah. Amen. There. If everybody who comes in to see me on a Saturday would chip in 10 bucks, we're going to send $500 a week. If every cigar shop does that, we're going to, you know, think of how much could be derived even at $10 a person, you know, even if you only did it once. Yeah. It'd be crazy money. Get out there, pay attention to these laws, listen to us. You can look at it yourself. You can research it yourself. But just remember when you're standing there and you're looking and going, why is my cigar $25? And this guy is vaping marijuana that cost him six bucks for the same amount. There's nobody to blame but you. And I'm sorry to put it all on the listeners. I'm doing my part behind this microphone and on my soap box, but I'll get off my soap box. Now I'll let Nevin tell you guys what to do. Right. Oh, we will be smoking cigars outdoors among people in public. That's right. Yes. Yes, we will. Unless of course Mexican law jumps up here. Devin, you take it. I'm off my soap box for today. I thank everybody for listening. I thank everybody

28:07 Devin for letting me scold you and let's see what happens. I went way over our time. It's quite all right. Now this legal stuff is important. It's good to go through. We appreciate you listening. If you have any show topics or any links, you don't think John is able to get a hold of it. Like you get a legal link that you want to make sure he knows about, send it to us at He will definitely take a gander of that because we'd love to have as many bullets in our gun as humanly possible when it comes to educating the public with this kind of stuff. And then you can start pointing people to the podcast and be like, they're going to talk to you about legal stuff, but they're mostly going to talk to you about cigar stuff. And you're going to enjoy it. You're going to be educated by the end of it. You're going to have the fight, the passion, the desire. And always remember you hit subscribe to our podcast, get those downloads going, make sure to hit our social medias, Facebook, YouTube, all that kind of thing. Other than that, thanks everybody for being here. Thanks for listening. Remember, don't forget to enjoy your cigar. Don't forget to stop and take the time to realize it's taken a lot for this cigar to get to you. So enjoy it. Because right now, while the pendulum is still relatively on our side, or at least in our court, you can enjoy it in the future. That may not be the case. I mean, five, 10, 15, 20 years from now, I may be pulling cigars from stashes. I've kept under floorboards. Hopefully not. You never know. There are to be good by the end. That's right. Unless it's a feral flying pig, but that's just my opinion. Oh yeah. So yeah, there you go. I think, thank everybody for being here today. We were smoking the Senilio edition limitata. Very good. Senilio. I have perfect pronunciation. Yeah, you do good. So that's what we were smoking today. It's a great stick. It's got a good body to it. Sure it does. It doesn't have a complexity of flavor, so to speak. Like it's not like, oh my God, every puff is this amazing complexity of, but it's got a nice, consistent mellowness of the darkness.

30:25 Gary Yes, indeed. Yeah. This is a, yeah, this has been quite enjoyable. I've really enjoyed this right here and I'm not a Nicaraguan fan. I've thoroughly enjoyed this though. I really have.

30:35 Devin Yeah, I have too. I'm with you on that. I'm not a huge Nicaraguan fan, but it's nice. It's not too shabby. Yeah, correct. Thanks everybody. Like I said, thanks for joining us again and we'll see you on the next exciting adventure of Smoking Underground with Devin, Gary and John. Peace. Later everyone. Later.