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RV Maintenance Tips and Information for the DIY - Eric Stark 24th April 2020
↓Episode 64 Why You Need a Micro-Air Easy Start for Your RV A/C
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↓Episode 64 Why You Need a Micro-Air Easy Start for Your RV A/C

In episode 64 Eric discusses the Micro Air EasyStart, a product that makes an air conditioner start easier and allows it to run on a smaller generator. It's a newer product that works well at what it does and can potentially save you the hassle of getting a larger generator. It helps eliminate the issues of the AC coming on while using other electrical appliances and tripping the breaker. It can also allow you to run 2 ACs on a 30 amp cord with just a 2,000 watt generator! Eric also gives advice on installation and the importance of taking pictures before beginning any replacement or installation. Definitely a product to look into to save you a ton of time, hassle, and ultimately comfortability.

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