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The Incredible Story of Camille Varacalli
Episode 515th March 2022 • Our Fighting Spirit • Anthony Frank Gigante
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Today, we have another fantastic story to share, a story of resilience, courage, and above everything, victory. I'm joined by Camille Varacalli and the Director and Screenwriter Amos Poe.

Camille is working on her memoir called "Married to the mob?" and throughout our conversation, we travel back in time to remember some of her journey's details. Amos, considered the father of modern American independent cinema, is working on a series based on Camille's story, called "How the F... did I get here? 

In this episode, Camille gives us an outline of her life story, from her first romantic disappointment, when her father interrupted her relationship with Ronnie, a teenager recovering from severe drug addiction, to her last marriage, which almost put her in jail. Camille also shares the tragic end of her first husband, Joey, who was linked with the Rampers, a ruthless gang from Bensonhurst.