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98 – Working with Werner Herzog and Les Blank with Maureen Gosling
Episode 989th November 2018 • The Documentary Life • The Documentary Life
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Maureen Gosling is not only the editor of my favourite documentary film of all time, but quite possibly my favourite film of all time. Period. That film is Les Blank’s Burden of Dreams, starring Werner Herzog.


And as we near our finale episode for Season One of the show, I thought it might be a great time to have someone like Maureen on to the show, not only because I would get the opportunity to hear some Les Blank, Werner Herzog & Klaus Kinski stories, but also because editing is something that we often like to champion here on the show. I believe editing to be one of the most underrated positions in all of film. Plus, I know that we have a lot of #doclifers out there who are currently in post production on their doc film!


Topics Discussed

  • how a chance encounter with Les Blank would start her down the road of documentary
  • being sued by Drew Barrymore for the use of the name Flower Films
  • stories about her and Les’ experience documenting Werner Herzog with their film Burden of Dreams
  • touring in Latin America showing their films and working with Latin American filmmakers
  • lessons & tips for working with indigenous cultures


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