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CoreBrain Journal - Dr Charles Parker 11th April 2017
106 ADHD Parenting Evolves Strategy Matters – Goldrich
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106 ADHD Parenting Evolves Strategy Matters – Goldrich

ADHD Parenting Evolves

Cindy Goldrich, Roslyn Hts., NY - provides ADHD Parenting skills as a Coach and Teacher Trainer. She creates a calm, more compliant environment, establishes realistic rules and expectations, reduces homework stress, and improves problem-solving, and self-advocacy skills.

She also provides education and support so kids can Thrive, not just Survive. Listen in to her comments on parenting and on her opinions and experiences with training teachers for classroom understanding and strategies.

adhd parenting

Cindy's Overview

"Your children don’t mean to frustrate you. They don’t want to make life so challenging and arduous for you – or themselves! Having a child with ADHD can bring chaos and stress into any home. Although children with ADHD can often appear lazy, unmotivated or manipulative, when you dig deeper you will find this is often not the case."

The Truth About ADHD/Executive Function

"Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD) is a neurobiological condition that brings with it many challenges beyond the simplistic diagnosis of Hyperactivity, Impulsivity, and Inattentiveness. Just as some children have trouble learning how to read, children with ADHD often have trouble tolerating frustration, being flexible, and solving their problems independently. Like learning to read, these are skills your child needs to learn and develop from the outset."


Cindy Reports: Solutions Here at CBJ/106

  • After parents, the teachers themselves need to know [spp-timestamp time="2:20"]
  • The teachers welcome our constructive insights [spp-timestamp time="4:50"]
  • Specifics of how I help teachers [spp-timestamp time="6:45"]
  • My approach includes both individual and pattern recognition [spp-timestamp time="10:20"]
  • Learning the basics [spp-timestamp time="15:09"]
  • A coaching example: Henry hit the wall [spp-timestamp time="18:32"]
  • Denial creeps in if you can't "see" the problem [spp-timestamp time="24:30"]
  • We're treating the invisible [spp-timestamp time="26:43"]

Book, Website, and References

Cindy's Webinars


Cindy's Book Giveaway Drawing: Closes 4-26-17

8 Keys To Parenting Children With ADHD


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What an interesting discussion this is - and with such a timely, practical significance. Special thanks, Cindy for insights that work both at home and in the classroom.

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