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420 : Kate Rouleau – Build a trusted network, get advice, get your financial house in order and then bring your husband home
23rd December 2019 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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How many have a plan? A real plan? Does the freedom of your and your spouse owning and running a business feel out of reach for you? Kate shows you had they did it. Guess what it’s really hard and it takes a plan. But to hear from her it has been all worth the sacrifice should help you push past the hurdles in your situation. Do the plan then work the plan. And you too can bring your husband home to your family.



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Kate: [00:00] I got pregnant again. Yeah. So, and my, um, my second was born November 11th, so right in the middle of Q4. So we had a slow down in 2018 to say the least. Um,

Cool voice guy: [00:17] welcome to the e-commerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products and the process of e-commerce selling today. Here’s your host Steven Peterson.

Stephen: [00:30] A a excited as a this year comes to an end to bring this interview to you. A very strong, and I, I really think that, I mean it’s changed our business. It’s interesting. Uh, we’ve used, we’re using some of the advice this guest brings for our business and that might sound funny to you, but it’s just so well thought out. There’s some really key takeaways that, you know, you had to force yourself to step back, admit you don’t know it all and be willing to listen to others. Um, the network that this group of people have is not unintentional. It takes so much work to be a part of it because you must contribute to benefit. And a, there’s a real lesson there and it’s worth listening to maybe once or twice. Um, my wife and I, I’ve listened to it again just to, to reinforce what we’re doing.

Stephen: [01:19] We know was the right thing to do, but you know, the way they approached it, I think it just so healthy. Anyway, one more thing that I think you can do. Um, cause I’m blown away with the seller tribe. Um, the number of people, um, that surpassed $1 million in sales this year on Amazon. Now, you know, I understand that’s not margin and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I know people can lose money. I’m aware of all those things, but that milestone, that goal that they set, um, and then they attained it is incredible. Um, once you hit that level, now you can work on your business and you can really fine tune your margin. So it’s just encouraging to see so many that just doesn’t happen by accident. That takes somebody like a, a, an incredible Gaye Lisby and Gary Ray who have, um, who invest in people.

Stephen: [02:07] Um, yes, they get paid. Yes, no hiding it. However, the investment into people, you see it and I suggest you go check it out. Amazing. forward slash momentum dash arbitrage that’ll take you through my link. And yes, they pay me. So you can go around and if you choose to, um, but it’s mind blowing if you’re looking to alter your life. I think these two things can take and make a drastic change in your world. One, listen to the advice that Mike S today. Okay. Reach out to me because we’re, we’re in the same path and so we can, we can do it together. If you want an accountability partner, reach out to me. I’ll, I’ll talk with you anytime. But second, you know, check out this group, this amazing freedom, um, seller tribe and you would be blown away the strength of the group, the strength of the members, um, and what they can do for you.

Stephen: [03:00] So amazing, forward momentum dash arbitrage forward slash momentum dash arbitrage. Check it out. 14 day free trial costs did nothing. If you drop, then you don’t find it for you. But listen to the advice of my guest today. The network is your net worth, the network you develop, develop people you can trust, right? Get that group of people you can trust and then utilize them and helping you move forward. I can’t wait for 2020. I hope you can’t either. Um, reach out to me of course at anytime. If I can help you in any way. Welcome back to the eCommerce momentum podcast. This is episode 420 Kate rouleaux. Um, man, we probably spent 20 or 30 minutes after the call talking. Um, because like she said, you know, you get around somebody who you have something in common with. You could sit there and talk about this business all day long.

Stephen: [03:55] And it’s so funny to hear how, you know, their businesses, some of their ours and some of the challenges or the good things you know, and you’ll learn something from every single person. That’s what I’m so fortunate that I get a chance to do this. Um, I love the story again. Uh, get advice, right? Don’t just, uh, don’t just ask people on the internet, Oh, what do you think? No, no, no. Get advice from people you trust. Maybe that’s the way to qualify. And how do you get that trust? You give the trust, you build those relationships and you’ll, she’s going to talk about how took time, you know, to find that and, and to get with people and spend some money in some effort and then you’re going to save money and how much money is enough? Well, as she says, it’s individual to you and your situation could be a lot different than hers.

Stephen: [04:37] Um, and so therefore she’s not the right person to give you advice. A financial planner that they met with. How smart is that? Young couple, smart enough to do that as a dad, I’m proud of her. Um, get health insurance and get the right health insurance for the needs that you have. And that comes with tradeoffs. But you can manage around that. We used to call it mitigating risk in my corporate life, right? I was the CFO and we’d be mitigating risk. Um, and so you can do that. And then she was able to help bring her husband home together. They were able to bring him home to help work on their business. And man, there’s nothing but optimism in their future because they together are doing it. So it’s a great podcast, great episode of what you can do when you’re willing to do the work.

Stephen: [05:21] But let me just warn you, she said she’s never worked harder in her life. Let’s get into podcast. All right. Welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast. Excited about today’s guest. A recommendation from someone. And again, if you, if you know somebody who you would like me to talk with, um, I, what interests me is that that person took the time, took the effort to reach out to me and, and make their case on why I should talk to somebody that says something that says somebody touched them in a way that they think they can touch others. And that’s what I’m really excited about. Welcome Kate. Rouleaux, welcome Kate. Hi. Thank you. Well, thank you for coming on. I mean that does that, I mean, it sounds corny, but does that warm your heart a little bit?

Kate: [06:03] No, it was nice. It was nice that someone thought of me to do that.

Stephen: [06:07] It’s like getting noticed a little bit. [inaudible] and I’m sure I don’t mind, I shouldn’t say I’m sure the way I am. I’m thinking and what I do is nothing special. And this is what I do every single day. We buy stuff, we sell stuff, we open boxes, we unload boxes, whatever, or I talk. Right? But outside, it’s nothing big deal to me. Are you the same way?

Kate: [06:29] Uh, I mean, yeah, I, it’s my job. It’s what, it’s what we do to, you know, keep our family good. But you had an effect. Yeah. No. Um, and I, and I know the person that, that recommended and she doesn’t realize what an effect she’s had on.

Stephen: [06:48] Yeah. Isn’t that cool? I mean, just how cool was that? I mean, I hope that, and I, the person, I don’t want to give them away who it was, but I remember, uh, you know, like the way I met her and her husband and the way she looked in his eyes and vice versa. I mean it says, Oh it gives me the chills as a dad who has kids that are married. I want my boys wives to look at them and vice versa the same way. So that is pretty cool. It’s corny, but it’s cool. So, all right. You sell on Amazon, is that true?

Kate: [07:22] I sell on Amazon and I also sell on eBay. Okay. All right. So which one did you start with? We started with eBay, which I think is what a lot of people start with. At least back in the day. They just,

Stephen: [07:36] maybe today because of YouTube and some other people, they go jumps right to Amazon cause it’s so easy and all they have to do is just buy anything. And I’ve seen the pictures on YouTube and they just buy anything. They send an Amazon. It’s easy. Make millions. Right. And today

Kate: [07:49] that that’s what they want you to think. Yes. That doesn’t happen in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, but where you live? No. Yeah, it’s, it’s a, it’s probably the most work I’ve ever done with any job that I’ve ever had, which I don’t think I think a lot of people skip over that part.

Stephen: [08:04] It’s interesting you say that it is a lot of work and just when you figure it out,

Kate: [08:10] the changes and it’s changing daily. Yep.

Stephen: [08:14] Okay. You started on eBay w w what was your plan starting on eBay? What did you think it would do for you?

Kate: [08:20] Um, you know what, we started, I started as a hobby. I was still working full time. Um, I kind of would sell a few things here and there and then I started going to yard sales and I started saying, Hey, I can kind of make some money doing this. Um, and I continued and getting my husband interested in. It was kind of where we started switching over to saying, Hey, we can actually make some good money with this. How did you make that? Cause I think that’s important. How did you get him? I’m interested.

Stephen: [08:52] I mean, and not knowing your husband, not knowing what he’s, if he, let’s just make it, make it up and say he’s into hunting and he’s buying all kinds of cool hunting stuff. And then you’re like, Hey, you know, I know you bought the newest version of that, but here’s your old versions worth this. I mean, so can you walk us through how you kind of sold him on that plan?

Kate: [09:12] It was switched hunting to video games. He is a massive video game collector. Um, and when he saw what he could get and he actually, it, it ramped up when he started going to yard sales, um, and he saw what he could get and basically get his collection for almost next to nothing, sell whatever extra he had and actually get some good money.

Stephen: [09:37] So that’s a, that’s a real powerful point. So he has a, he probably bought from eBay or places like that, himself paying premiums or GameStop or wherever, paying premiums. And then all of a sudden he got into the used market and said, Oh my gosh, I could save a bunch of money, but then also sell the excess was he, and I see this from a lot of, um, an a, maybe as a collector myself, I think about this, um, I click these stupid little tin rings and I’m always looking for a better quality one. So for, was he similar where he could buy that other one and replaced the one he had with a better version?

Kate: [10:11] Yup. Yeah. He’s a completist so yes. Yes.

Stephen: [10:16] So what does that mean? Like he’s trying to get all the end 64. I’m making that up, but, and 64 line, he wants them all.

Kate: [10:23] Yeah, no, you’re good. No, but not only then six. He wants almost every system that they have. And does he want them in the box sealed? Is that the ultimate goal? Um, at least in the box.





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