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Thriving on Purpose Podcast - Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard 7th April 2020
Leadership Trans-Mutation

Leadership Trans-Mutation


5 Leadership traits that will characterize tomorrow’s leaders


Years ago, when I (Sebastien) embarked on my leadership journey, I had a very static view of what leaders look like. I saw them in a corporate setting, clean-cut, with a university degree or two in their resume.


Maybe when you hear the word leader, that’s what you see as well.


Well, this image of leadership has begun shifting in the last couple of decades.


But today, with this crisis, this image of leadership is about to be obliterated. It will become practically fossilized in the next few months.


Leadership as we know it is undergoing a transmutation as we speak. It’s getting a makeover. And when it’s done, it will hardly be recognizable.


So, what will leadership look like in the next few months and years? Which leaders will step up during this crisis and afterwards? Which ones will leave their mark on the world? Which ones will be remembered when this crisis ends? Tune in to find out!



In This Episode You Will:


  • Witness our whole new way of podcasting through video


  • Grasp just how important adaptability is to leadership


  • Be given the 5 ways to make your leadership stand out during and after the coronavirus crisis


  • Understand how leadership will never be the same after this


  • Get a live reading of Lead Like a Superhero from the chapter on Wolverine



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“Over time, grit is what separates fruitful lives from aimlessness.” ~ John Ortberg


“The-Christian-is-a-holy-rebel-loose-in-the-world-with-access-to-the-throne-of-God.”-A.W. Tozer


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