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Queenfidence Lifestyle - Kristie Kennedy TRAILER, 22nd June 2020
Audacious Leadership Trailer
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Audacious Leadership Trailer

Asking a million questions to find the answer to what’s next after a major setback? I’ve been there also more times that I can count on my dainty little fingers.

Hello, I am Kristie Kennedy Your Image Confidence Empowerment guide to greatness…

Welcome to the Audacious Leadership and Lifestyle Podcast. Do you know what separates the outrageously audacious from the ordinary? The ability to relentlessly produce in the face of adversity. We are living in extremely challenging times and it is going to require an outrageous level of optimism to overcome insurmountable obstacles stacked against us. It is hard to think massively and minimally simultaneously. Today’s society is in dire need of audaciously authentic leaders who exemplify courage, compassion and commitment to take massive action!

This bodacious broadcast is a flaming hot spot for emerging 21st Century influencers, delivering peak performance solutions to perfectionists, procrastinators and petrified introverts ready to step out of the shadows of safety nets.

It’s time to stop settling for a life of boredom and start sizzling from the boardroom to the bedroom! Eleanor Roosevelt stated, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. If not you then who? If not now then when?

I dare you to step out on the wild side where we play by the rules we write!

Join us every Massive Momentum Monday to receive cutting edge leadership keys and easy to execute success strategies to gain mastery over confidence suppressing negativity. As a bonus feature expect to hear from top industry leaders who will inspire us to play a bigger game!

Together we will put principles to practice as you discover new ways to communicate effectively with powerhouse presence, exuding radical resilience and a bodacious belief to achieve anything.

Multi-Dimensional Approach to Self-Awareness

What is happening FOR me? The benefits

What is happening IN me? Character development

What is happening TO me? Paradigm shifting effects

What is happening THROUGH me? Essence and energy flowing into the atmosphere

What is happening WITH me? Who can I collaborate with for growth?

Let’s get it done and have tons of fun!