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How to Attract Your Dream Team to Work For You
Episode 27019th February 2022 • Salon Owners Collective • Larissa Macleman
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Do you worry that at any given moment, your team may leave and you will struggle to replace them? Like, every time you try to find a new team member or put out an ad, it never seems to work. It feels like no one wants to work for you!    You worry that you will never find any new team members, and since it feels like everyone is looking right now… your chances decrease even more! You feel like everyone else has all the team, and there is none left for you!    It has you constantly on tenterhooks; like you are being held hostage in your own Salon. ... and it’s frustrating because you feel like it’s out of your hands.  Somebody leaves and you have no one to move the clients to, so you get stuck doing them and going back on the floor.    You feel like you are in a constant revolving door, with every 2 steps forward comes 2 steps back.  Well did you know, you could actually be making some crucial mistakes when it comes to hiring.. mistakes I see SO many Salons making.   So, grab your copy below, press play, and let’s dive into the episode…   

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. The real reason your job ad is not attracting the right stylists to apply.
  2. The most common mistakes Salon Owners make when hiring a team.
  3. How the Salon down the road has people lining up the door to work for them.

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