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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 229, 25th September 2019
Angling for Titles That Are More Than Just The Topic [Episode 229]

Angling for Titles That Are More Than Just The Topic [Episode 229]

Every piece of web content -- and the episodes of your podcast are web content -- needs a title that is descriptive and interesting enough to get someone to want more.

Yes, that’s a lot of work for only a handful of words. Hence the need for this episode. 

If you record your show (perhaps an interview), do all the engineering to make it sound great, and then come up with a title -- your going to have a hard time. Which means you’ll probably just stick with the name of your guest as the title of the episode.

If the most interesting thing about any given episode of your show is the guests name... it's probably not a very interesting episode.

The better way: Come up with your topic, your title, and most importantly YOUR ANGLE before you ever sit down to record.

Episodes with no angle start with the host saying “Please introduce yourself, guest!” or “Tell me where your grew up” and rarely live up to the promise made in the title of the episode. That’s a bad experience that won’t engender new listeners to your program.

That's the message for today: rework how you come up with your titles by spending a little (or a lot) more time on your angles before you sit down to record.  

I'd love to hear how much time you spend on coming up with your angles. You can comment right here or you can go to Flick.group/podcastpontifications to talk to me and a few dozen avid listeners of the program.

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And for those of you in business wondering if your episodes were made with an angle in mind, get in touch with me: evo@podcastlaunch.pro or go to PodcastLaunch.pro to see a list of the services we offer clients all around the globe. 


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