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Science Modeling Talks - Science Modeling Talks EPISODE 18, 1st March 2021
Episode 18 - Karle Delo - "Middle School M.I. and AMTA's New Marketing Director"
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Episode 18 - Karle Delo - "Middle School M.I. and AMTA's New Marketing Director"

In this episode, Mark talks with Karle Delo, who came to modeling as a middle school science teacher, and is now working as an instructional coach and technology integrationist in Michigan. She talks about the most important things that modeling has brought to her teaching practice and she talks about plans in her other new role in marketing for AMTA.

Guest Bios

Karle Delo

Karle Delo taught middle school science for 10 years, and has been a Modeler since 2016. Currently, she is an Instructional Coach and Technology Integrationist in Mid-Michigan, and leads Middle School Modeling distance learning courses. Karle noticed the transformation in quality discussions, depth of knowledge, and student ownership of learning through the adoption of Modeling Instruction. As the new Director of Marketing for AMTA, she aims to expand AMTA's audience, and introduce more educators to the transformative nature of Modeling.

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[5:24] Karle Delo "I feel like especially now, the skill of mine that has improved the most would be questioning. So questioning students, in a way that gets them to think about the data in a different way, or to kind of help them like facilitate that discussion to help the class come to a consensus."

[27:15] Karle Delo "You can tell when you walk into a classroom that has clear norms. I think that sometimes teachers underestimate the power of what they say, but words really do matter."



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