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EP 210 Omega 3's For Our Health and the Health of Our Oceans with Corinna Bellizzi
Episode 21028th February 2023 • The Selfless Syndrome Show • Alexandra Swenson-Ridley
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Are you taking an omega 3 supplement regularly? And if so, are you sure of the quality? Or the impact that the production of that omega 3 supplement has on our oceans, fish and environment?

Omega 3’s are one of those essential nutrients that we can’t make in our body, but are incredibly important to many functions in our body. Today I’m joined by Omega 3 expert Corinna Bellizzi from Orlo Nutrition, a company that stands for not just getting omega 3’s into our system, but also for doing it in a way that is sustainable and leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible.

I honestly learned a lot recording this episode and am excited to share it with you. Especially as I’ve been watching my husband’s organization fight to put fishing limits on the coastal regions of Alaska in an effort to increase salmon populations again for the entire ecosystem of oceans, rivers and tribal subsistence fishing.

Ready to dive in to not just something we need to be healthy ourselves, but also a really great discussion on how to get it in a way that is sustainable and helps our oceans be healthy too?

That's what this conversation is all about!

Corinna Bellizzi is a sustainability and omega-3 expert who successfully pioneered the fish oil giant, Nordic Naturals, and a cutting edge algae-based omega-3 brand, Örlö Nutrition, that features the world’s first carbon-negative omega-3s.

Corinna is a successful podcaster herself in the sustainability and nutrition space being the host of Nutrition Without Compromise, having reached the top 10% of all podcasts globally in only 3 months, and has been covered in the press from INVERSE to Forbes.

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