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Falling Up Radio - Falling UP Radio EPISODE 65, 14th October 2019
Ridgely Goldsborough – What’s Your Mind Type?
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Ridgely Goldsborough – What’s Your Mind Type?

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Ridgely Goldsborough

Author and International Speaker, Ridgely Goldsborough, believes in solving problems and sharing breakthroughs. He seeks to bring great value to all of his audiences, using the Mind Type, to improve culture, messaging and marketing based on Emotional Intelligence and the power of brain biology. Author of 17 books, 5 on Emotional Intelligence…

Show Notes

2:94 Being physically abused by step father

5:10 Protecting his little brothers and being a hero

5:51 Why he started to write poetry and stories

8:21 Writing 17 books to date

9:39 Why we do what we do

14:37 Avatars, Mind Types & life

21:30 Diving into what the 7 Mind Types really are and the lens we see through

30:48 Discovering your Mind Type demonstration

41:10 Hiding away who we really are

53:21 The Mind Types quiz

54:32 Using your seed in the dark to grow in the light

59:40 Final thoughts

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Ridgely Goldsborough's Links

Website: http://ridgelyspeaks.com/

Website: http://aviewfromtheridge.com/

Website: Mind Types Free Quiz

Mind Types

Free Mind Types Quiz