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The Content 10x Podcast - Amy Woods EPISODE 84, 23rd May 2019
Podcast Repurposing Has Never Been More Important
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Podcast Repurposing Has Never Been More Important

We talk about podcast repurposing a lot here at the Content 10x HQ, but just how necessary is it to attract and maintain a loyal following? 

In my opinion, the Edison Research Podcast Consumer Report 2019 answers this question with a resounding – YOU MUST REPURPOSE YOUR PODCAST!! 

This really insightful research study reveals lots of interesting insights about the podcasting audience in America and their behaviors. There’s a lot we can learn about this data from a content marketing and content repurposing perspective, so let’s dig in! 

Tune into this podcast episode to find out:

  • Key findings from the Podcast Consumer Report 2019 
  • How people aware of podcasts but not listening could become fans via repurposed content 
  • Most people find podcasts via search engines and on social media – making repurposing essential 

To listen to the full episode, go to: content10x.com/84