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Finding your North Star with Coach Elizabeth Swan
Episode 411th May 2023 • The Mindful Coach Podcast • Brett Hill
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Meet Elizabeth Swan, a life coach with a unique approach.

Identifying one's North Star, a guiding principle that provides direction in life, is essential to personal and professional success.

By clarifying your core values, passions, and strengths, you can align your actions and decisions with your purpose, creating a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Developing a sense of focus allows you to stay grounded, no matter the challenges that arise or the shifts in your life circumstances.

In her discussion with Brett Hill, Elizabeth Swan reveals how she helps clients organize around their problems and become more resourceful in solving them. She encourages clients to explore their motivations and uses her background in logistics and transportation as a metaphor to guide clients through unexpected disruptions and events, similar to the ones they may experience in life. By helping clients find their North Star, Elizabeth empowers them to navigate life with confidence and a strong sense of self, no matter what they encounter.

With a rich background in transportation, operations, and logistics, she brings a unique perspective to her coaching practice. A Martha Beck's Institute Wayfinders Life Coach training program graduate, Elizabeth is passionate about helping high achievers, and deep seekers realize their full potential. As a member of The Mindful Coach Association, she employs mindfulness techniques to help her clients navigate their everyday lives with intention and focus. Elizabeth is not just a coach; she's a writer, musician, mother, sister, and partner who understands the importance of balancing multiple roles.

You can connect with Elizabeth with your profile at The Mindful Coach Association.  

And her website.