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Retro Single Player Games Recommendations Feat. William Hunter From
16th November 2023 • The Single Player Experience • Sebastion Mauldin @SDM3
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Retro Single Player Games Recommendations Feat. William Hunter From

If games like Zork, Elevator Action and Space Invaders could entertain you for hours, then this episode about retro games is a can’t-miss!

William Hunter of The Dot Eaters, a website started circa 1998 that chronicles the history of video games, is joining Sebastion to talk about their love for single player games. With so much experience playing and enjoying games through technology’s progression, Bill has a wealth of knowledge to share.

They discuss modern-day games too, but you’ll hear a ton of retro game recommendations to try online, through consoles or the Nintendo Entertainment System. Tune in for a nostalgic discussion on retro games and the current emerging indie market!

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