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037 Neurotoxins & World Economics Dr Chris Martenson
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037 Neurotoxins & World Economics Dr Chris Martenson

Neurotoxins Advise Us To Prepare

For Economic Change

First of all, I am not an economist. I am trained as a scientist, having completed both a PhD and a post-doctoral program at Duke University, where I specialized in neurotoxicology. I tell you this because my extensive training as a scientist informs and guides how I think. I gather data, I develop hypotheses, and I continually seek to accept or reject my hypotheses based on the evidence at hand. I let the data tell me the story. Neurotoxin awareness connects environmental change with the world economy.
~ Chris Martenson

Crash Preparation, Your Future & Pending Economic Turmoil

From Neurotoxins To Real Life, Beyond Canaries - Dr. Martenson's Personal Transformation

His personal Crash Course will encourage you to listen even more carefully. I've said it before, and I'll say it again here now: our brains are the canaries in the coal mines. It's time to stop with mouth-to-mouth resuscitating canaries and chase down the methane. Chris tracks down world methane, and beyond, in this remarkable review of future, data-driven, premonitions.

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Chris At The Telescope Of Time 

"It is important for you to know that I entered the profession of science with the intention of teaching at the college level. I love teaching, and I especially enjoy the challenge of explaining difficult or complicated subjects to people with limited or no background in those subjects. Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Once I figured out that most of the (so-called) better colleges place "effective teacher" pretty much near the bottom of their list of characteristics that factor into tenure review, I switched gears, obtained an MBA from Cornell (in Finance), and spent the next ten years working my way through positions in both corporate finance and strategic consulting. From these experiences, I gather my comfort with numbers and finance.

So much for the credentials.

The most important thing for you to know is the impact that the information that I’ve now placed on this site had on me. Let’s review this change as notes on Before and After.

Before: I am a 40-year-old professional who has worked his way up to Vice President of a large, international Fortune 300 company and is living in a waterfront, five bathroom house in Mystic, CT, which is mostly paid off. My three young children are either in or about to enter public school, and my portfolio of investments is managed by a broker at a large institution. I do not know any of my neighbors, and many of my local connections are superficial at best.

After: I am a 50-year-old who has willingly terminated his former high-paying, high-status position because it seemed like an unnecessary diversion from the real tasks at hand. My children are now homeschooled, and the big house in Mystic was sold in July of 2003 in preference for a modest homestead in rural western Massachusetts. In 2002, I discovered that my broker was unable to navigate a bear market, and I’ve been managing our investments ever since. I grow a garden every year; preserve food, know how to brew beer & wine, and raise chickens. I’ve carefully examined each support system (food, energy, security, etc.), and for each of them I've figured out either a means of being more self-sufficient or a way to do without. But, most importantly, I now know that the most important descriptor of wealth is not my dollar holdings, but the depth and richness of my community."

Now Dr. Martenson Makes Far Different Predictions For The UN

My evolution from neurotoxins: It's a modern and extremely well-regarded distillation of the interconnected forces in the Economy, Energy and the Environment (the "Three Es" as Chris calls them) that are shaping the future... one that will be defined by increasing challenges to growth as we have known it.

In addition to the analysis and commentary he writes for his site PeakProsperity.com, Chris' insights are in high demand by the media as well as academic, civic and private organizations around the world, including institutions such as the UN, the UK House of Commons and US State Legislatures.

Crash Preparation and Prevention - Listen Up CoreTeam

Personal Note, Journal Listeners: It's a privilege to work with thinkers such as yourself on your deeper thinking demographic, and Chris, when you listen to him, will not disappoint. Let's carefully consider his remarks, wake up, and deeply reflect upon to his details whatever our calling, whatever our mission. His message merits sharing with your family and colleagues.

Thanks Chris for joining us at CoreBrain Journal. I'd love to meet your family, see your place, and, as a recovering chicken catcher, meet those chickens!

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