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279. Crafting Collective Commitments for Campus Excellence: Featuring Jason Williamson
3rd March 2024 • Aspire to Lead • Joshua Stamper
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Join us for an engaging conversation with Jason Williamson as we explore the power of collective commitments in driving school culture. Jason discusses the importance of putting students first and prioritizing their learning experience. We delve into the significance of supporting each other as educators and committing to personal and professional growth. Discover how to incorporate collective commitments into every aspect of school life, including instructional conversations, coaching dialogues, and communications with students, staff, parents, and the community. Tune in to gain valuable insights into fostering a positive and thriving school culture centered around shared values and commitments. In this Episode, we also discuss:
  • Checking objectives out of compassion
  • Intentional communication as a leader
  • And his new book, Second Mile Encouragement Devotional
About Jason Williamson Dr. Williamson is serving in his 20th year in public education. He has enjoyed working as a teacher, coach, testing coordinator, athletic director, assistant principal and principal. Currently, he serves as an assistant principal at Northside High School in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  He exemplifies positive, servant, and professional leadership that makes a difference in the lives of the scholars and staff. Dr. Williamson is always focused on student success. He has led the implementation for new programs and best practices for teaching and learning. Dr. Williamson builds positive relationships with all stakeholders. Dr. Williamson strives to make everyone around him better as he continues to grow as an instructional leader. 

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