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Your London Legacy - Steve Lazarus • The London Podcaster EPISODE 43, 13th May 2019
Robbie Chapman AKA ‘The Camden Caretaker’ Is Taking Care of Business. From Local Park & Rise To The Top His Boxing Career Is Flourishing

Robbie Chapman AKA ‘The Camden Caretaker’ Is Taking Care of Business. From Local Park & Rise To The Top His Boxing Career Is Flourishing

Robbie Chapman is not your regular professional boxer. Mousy blonde curly locks frame his modern-day film star surfer face. At 24 years old, Robbie has accumulated 40 amateur fights before turning pro in May 2018. Robbie hails from Hampstead and is trained by our good friend Xavier Miller at IQ Boxing in Neasden.

He made his debut at the iconic York Hall Bethnal Green, and has swiftly generated a middleweight record of 4 bouts – 4 wins. Whilst Robbie and his management team at Goodwin Boxing clearly have lofty career ambitions, Robbie is the first to say he is as interested in creating lasting memories, fighting in big arenas, and giving back to his mates and those who have supported him on his journey.

Out of the ring, Robbie’s day job is that of school caretaker, hence one of the best sporting monikers ‘’The Camden Caretaker’’. He such a decent laid back guy, but he has always been fascinated by the art of boxing since a young lad. The ‘’Camden Caretaker’’ is definitely taking care of business and you can see him live Saturday June 29th at The York Hall in a Southern Area Title Eliminator.

“The first time we’ve done boxing we went to the park after school—a group of us—and we just boxed each other at the park. We had two pairs of gloves. Partnered up. And just sort of fought each other.”

Robbie got his first taste of boxing at about the age of 15—sneaking off to the park with some other boys, touching gloves, and taking some swings at each other. It was this first taste of the adrenaline and being in the spotlight that stuck with Robbie and kept him going. He wasn’t afraid to challenge boys larger than him either, helping instill in him a need to push himself further.


He started out at his first gym and started sparring, not necessarily trying to make a career out of boxing. But after coaches took note of his skill and dedication he ended up getting trained and pulled further in—having his first actual fight at the age of 18. Now Robbie has gone pro, training six days a week and twice a day for three or four of those. The path to get there involved 40 amateur fights—more than earning the spot he’s in now.


Boxing has changed Robbie’s maturity and dedication to the sport. He’s not out going and getting drinks and staying up late after fights and training. He’s on diets now and putting in more work outside the ring. Someone once told him boxing is like a whole life but shortened version—everything you can think of that happens, the ups and downs and getting too old, it all happens in a span of years. Self-doubt and adrenaline rushes, titles and losses. Robbie is just happy to be there supporting the sport and getting more people to come to his fights and the others he trains with.

Again—I’m delighted to say that IQ Boxing is Your London Legacy’s first sponsor, and you can see Robbie don his gloves and step into the ring at The York Hall for a Southern Area Title Eliminator match on June 29th. Make sure to grab your tickets here at http://www.goodwinboxing.co.uk/events/post/knockout/