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064 : Steve Sawyer – Commodity Trader chasing new forms of Arbitrage in Europe
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064 : Steve Sawyer – Commodity Trader chasing new forms of Arbitrage in Europe

steve sawyer


Steve clearly has brought an advantage to selling on Amazon, he was a commodity trader focused on buying low and selling high. Imagine the pressure when your dealing with large dollar amounts and really large quantities, it almost takes away fear. So his advantage of understanding markets, the effects other outside influences have on a market and the ability to spot market trends have lead Steve to expand into Europe with Amazon.eu which is now 25% of his business. (and growing)


Steve brings up the great advantage of using Amazon to teach his kids (and their friends) a true life skill that they will use going forward in every aspect of their life! He also will get you to say: Every new thing takes 60days of suck to learn/manage and master. Get it in your head: 60 days of suck!




Steve mentioned:

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“I think we put too much emphasis on being great at everything, where instead we need to focus on being super-awesome at one thing”

“I want a guy who is the best of the best at what I need, I don’t care whether he can add 2+2, he can use a calculator”

“Movement creates opportunity”



Golden Nuggets:

My skills carry through, being able to recognize value can be applied anywhere, you can take more risks.

Manage your slippage and inefficiency or it will manage you!