Why letting employees truly own their job is beneficial to entrepreneurs
3rd February 2023 • The Thriving Entrepreneur • David Foster & Rachelle Leerling
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How often do you blame your team for not functioning at 100%?

Do you feel too involved in the day-to-day?

While it is easy to point fingers and try to control the operations, it is counterproductive.

For your business and for you.

Leading your team is a skill that needs to be mastered.

If you want to spend most of your time working ON your business, enhancing it is paramount.

The solution comes down to doing the following:

Make sure employees can own their job.

What we discuss:

- What owning a job looks like

- How to give employees the ownership they need and deserve

- What you can do to make them work without your interference

- How you can let go of control more

- How giving them ownership benefits you

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