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Problems at Manchester United
Episode 925th January 2024 • Pitch Perfect • HVSPN
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Show Name: Pitch Perfect

Episode Title: Problems at Manchester United

Episode #9

You are listening to Pitch Perfect the podcast with your host Chris Turnbull.

In this episode of Pitch Perfect the podcast we discuss: the problems with Manchester United.

Segment 1: Owners

Before we begin, before we are competing at the level Manchester United need to be, there needs to be a full clearout everywhere and everything needs to change.

Lets play a game, what is the biggest problem at Manchester United? SOUND EFFET the owners of the club. The glazers have been ruining the team for years and it is a very good sign that we are getting Sir Jim and INEOS and hopefully it will lead to the Glazers leaving. Lets dip our feet in the water SOUND EFFECT with all the problems with the Glazers

  • Bad things the Glazers do
  • Don’t put their own money in the club
  • Take dividends from the club
  • Bought the team from debt and still has debt on the club
  • Ruined the stadium and training grounds
  • Have hired terrible people in roles such as the scouting network
  • Overpaid for players
  • Paul Pogba, Antony, Harry Maguire, Sancho, Lukaku, Di Maria are top 6 most expensive players

Moving on to the new minority owners, I do like what Sir Jim has done so far. At first I wanted Qatar as it would’ve been a full takeover and full ownership but seeing Newcastle now it’s almost like the money doesn’t matter. 

Sir Jim did a good job hiring a new CEO away from City and have been looking to get big names for roles that have been terrible for many years. Controversially, I also like the idea of selling big earners in the summer such as Casimero. First he hasn’t played in a very long time and second if we want to change how we do things then not paying crazy wages for players is a good way to change.

Segment 2: Players

Any Man United fan knows that for us to be successful there needs to be a clearout of the players and before I say anything Ten Hag is the man to lead this rebuild. There are so many players that need to go, it’s like a traffic jam of just dead weight players SOUND EFFECT. The only players currently that should be corner stones for this rebuild is Mainoo, Garnacho, and Hojlund. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t keep players like Bruno and Lisandro, but those 3 are the future of this club. Over the next few years, there needs to be a whole new squad and that will be the only way we can compete. 

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