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A Quest for Revenge [Season 8, Episodes 13-18]
Episode 11625th March 2021 • 24 Faithful Podcast • Joshua Rivers
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Dana the double agent

  • Dana kills Bill Prady when he tries going to Hastings
  • Turns out Dana’s actually a plant and working with Samir
  • CTU discover this when she helps Tarin escape (he kills himself to distract CTU) and keep Hassan captive

Trade for Hassan

  • Samir offers Taylor a trade: give them Hassan and they won’t detonate the “radiological dispersal device” in Manhattan
  • Taylor’s against this but General Brucker convinces Rob Weiss to act, sending a covert team to kidnap Hassan
  • Ethan discovers their plot and has a heart attack, from which Rob and Brucker leave him without medical help until Hassan is in captivity
  • Jack fends off the team but Hassan learns of the trade and offers himself up
  • Samir reads a statement of Hassan’s crimes and then slits his throat

Renee’s death

  • A mysterious figure posing as a medic, Pavel Tokarev, injects Samir with a toxin that kills him, and Renee briefly notices him as he leaves as though she recognises him
  • Jack and Renee go back to his apartment and have sex
  • Pavel follows them, and shoots Renee to cover the tracks of the Russian involvement
  • Jack gets Renee to a hospital but she dies

Jack begins quest for revenge

  • To find out about the Russian involvement, Jack goes to the arraignment of Sergei Bazhaev
  • Bazhaev tells him that the Russian government were involved in everything that happened and that Dana was their agent at CTU
  • Jack questions Dana, who will talk for an immunity deal
  • Taylor goes to CTU to talk Jack out of this and has him locked down (he steals a helicopter and escapes) because she doesn’t want him derailing the peace agreement

The return of Charles Logan

  • Logan leaves several messages at Ethan’s office after learning of the Russian intention to pull out of the agreement
  • He speaks with Mikhail Novakovich, the Russian foreign minister, to keep him at the table by blackmailing him with his knowledge of Moscow’s involvement in the day’s events


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