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iCreateDaily Podcast - iCreateDaily Podcast 10th April 2019
Your Strengths are Waiting ~ Audio Article

Your Strengths are Waiting ~ Audio Article

Each day you’re building creative habits that strengthen your artistic muscles… that stimulate synapsing in the creative areas of your brain. Most of your strengths can also be your weaknesses and vice versa.

You know how it goes. An extrovert can be a too boisterous, an introvert can be non-communicative, leading to relationship breakdowns or internal suffering from not speaking up. A compassionate person can get into a victim mentality around the pain in the world; a hard-hitting tough cookie can forget to be compassionate. A prolific artist can be so under-focused on business that their business suffers.

Every time you engage your strengths, it reinforces them. Like walking the same pathway each day creates a well-worn path over time, so too, the pathways in your brain are reinforced every time you engage that skill. The same thing happens with your weaknesses though. The more you say, think and do things that reinforce a weakness, the more that neural pathway is strengthened.

For every weakness, there is a strength waiting to be encouraged.

~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily.com

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