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101: Why & How to Talk to your Kids about Skin Tone and Race // Dr. Lucretia Berry of Brownicity
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101: Why & How to Talk to your Kids about Skin Tone and Race // Dr. Lucretia Berry of Brownicity

How comfortable are you talking about race?

Up until recently, I have NOT been comfortable talking about this topic because I recognized how uninformed and privileged I am–and that made me feel a little ashamed. Because this topic matters. SO MUCH.

It’s really common when we realize we’re uneducated in certain areas to stay quiet–because if we open our mouths and start learning and asking questions, we might say something that is offensive or hurts someone.

But staying quiet is not the answer: Answers come from seeking learning and asking for help.

That is why I invited Dr. Lucretia Berry on the podcast to teach us. Dr Berry is the founder of BrownicityMany Hues, One Humanity, an agency dedicated to advocacy, education, and support for racial healing and anti racism. She has dedicated her life to developing and teaching anti racism curriculum to college and high school students, adults through ministry and online, and of course within her own home as the mother of three beautiful daughters.

In this episode, Dr. Berry teaches us how to talk to our kids about skin tone and race through these three takeaways:

How to Talk to Your Kids About Skin Tone with Brownicity

  1. Reject the colorblind approach as a solution to racism.
  2. Normalize conversations about skin tone and race with your children so they can consciously, fluently, and confidently navigate our hyper-racialized society.
  3.  Invest in an anti race/ism education to gain understanding (e.g. books, classes, podcasts, teachers, not informal discussions).

Website: brownicity.com

Instagram: @lucretiaberry-Become a member of Brownicity! In 3 simple stages, we guide you through fundamental understanding to practicing transformative change in your spheres of influence. Visit brownicity.com/learn for more information.

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