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Art Challenges for Intuitive Creativity – Coffee Break
29th August 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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The Benefit of Art Challenges

In this Coffee Break, we talk about art challenges, the benefits of joining one, and why you might consider hosting your own!

If you are an artist, writer, poet, photographer, or any type of creator, there are ways you can incorporate creative or technical challenges.

Maybe you’re a hobby creator who is unsure where you want to take your creativity?

Creativity challenges, such as our 30 Day Art Challenge, provides an opportunity to establish a habit of creating and practicing different mediums, and to do more of what you want to do: Create more.

We hope you enjoy this Coffee Break conversation on the benefits of joining and hosting creative art challenges!

Nikolai Alderson’s Map

We touched on authors creating maps for their story inspiration. Here are two photos of a map Nikolai is working on, which we shared about in the episode!

Full Map: Still a work in progress.


Close up: Also work in progress.

Conversation Points: 

  • Our September iArtDaily Challenge
  • Benefits of joining creative challenges
  • The iArtDaily Journal
  • Intuitive art process
  • How to host your own art challenge
  • Benefits of hosting creative challenges
  • Fear and perfectionism


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