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Love In Your Life - Dolah Saleh EPISODE 102, 13th July 2021
Patent’s 11 steps to self-empowerment
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Patent’s 11 steps to self-empowerment

Whether we are referring to exercises in emotional intelligence or abiding by universal principles, knowing what we are feeling and embracing what those feelings are here to provide us is key. There is intention in the universe and attending to our feelings, without judgment and rather total acceptance offers us deeper insights into our purpose.

Identifying the feeling and sitting with it to get in touch with its "message," begins the process. Sending love its way to welcome it and let it be allows for understanding and love to be our guide. We want that and need that.

Listen to one set of steps that walk you through the process for this valuable practice.

"Your time is limited and you're supposed to be using it for something meaningful."

Michael Singer