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Can You Make $500 Quickly With A Brand New Podcast?
Episode 622nd January 2023 • Profit From Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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Podcasting has become a popular way to make money and share your voice with the world. It's no secret that many people have used podcasting as a way to monetize their content and make a living. But creating a successful podcast takes time and dedication, making it difficult for those just starting out to see success quickly. In this article, we will explore if you can realistically make $500 in your first month of podcasting with the right strategies and techniques for monetization.

There are always exceptions to the rule. I've interviewed people who had such a niche show that they had a sponsor before they released an episode. So yes, it is possible, but for many people with an "Inspiration Podcast with Inspirational People with Inspirational Stories" it may be quite a bit harder.

  • New podcasters often ask if they can make $500 in their first month
  • It depends on various factors such as existing audience size, celebrity status, and podcasting talent.
  • To examine the question from a logical point of view, consider the example of "Bill," a new podcaster with no audience and no product or service to sell.
  • Podcast hosting companies report median download numbers of around 158 per episode after 45 days, and the average is around 1,520.
  • If a podcast is only getting less than 10 downloads per episode, there is likely something wrong with the show.
  • Some companies claim that new podcasters can make money from day one, but the reality is that earnings will likely be very low. Sure it is "better than a poke in the eye" but still a long LONG way off from the $500/month goal.
  • In my travels and conversations, in order to make a significant amount of money from podcasting, most podcasters have multiple streams of income and have been podcasting for a while. (3 Years seems to be a common answer to "how long does it take?).
  • It is also essential to have a clear plan for monetization, as simply hoping to make money from advertising may not be a reliable strategy.

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